Letter ID: 1044
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.152r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1044/008
Date: 21 May 1591
Note: The top line of this letter is missing, due to fire damage.

Endorsed: From my L. Tresurer.



Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: May.

[[.]] belonging to one Gisberd Jacob of Amsterdame, Coming late out of Spayne, putt in at Dover, and from thence, are go[[ne]] for Amsterdame. In the said hulke, ther were 2 englishe menn, by whom it is Confessed unto mee that ther were in the said hulke diverse papers lettres, and Bookes sent out of Spayne by certain englishe men there, as may appeare unto yow by the included paper, Now for that the said thinges are of good moment and importaunce to be recovered I have thoug[ht] good to require yow to imploye some parson both discrete and trustie for the getting of them into his handes For the better parforming wherof I send yow also hereincluded a lettre written from one John Snowden being one of the 2 englishmen abov[e] mencioned, unto the said Gisberd Jacob for the delivery of the said thinges unto the bearer thereof. I pray yow use Carefull[[.]] in the Choise of him yow mynd to send, and give him such other dyrections as yow thinke nedefull for the better accomplis[hing] of his purpose. And if so be it heppen that he shall obteyn them I pray yow cause them to be sent with as much Conven[ient] spede as may be. So Fare yow verie hartely well. From my howse at Westminster this 21 of Maye 1591 Your verie Lovinge frend. William Burghley