Letter ID: 1043
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.151r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1043/008
Date: 22 May 1591

Endorsed: [[Copie of my letter]] To my L. Tresurer


May it please your good L. we have harde from the camp, at this very instant that the 20 of this moneth, the towne of Zutphen, after two volies of shott of 25 /great/ peeces, of entred into parle /with Count Maurice/ and yelded presently upon it, with condition, to depart with bag and baggage. Which was don the same day before noone and as every man supposeth bothe diligence and speede was used by the last, that the camp without stay re- mooved upon it, and reached Deventer that night. Those good tidinges are told us by the mouth of certaine messengers, and are only so signified by general worde, without any further particularities. Howbeit we looke every houre to knowe som mater of circumstance, wherin if any thing happen be worthy to be imparted to your L. It will shall be speedely advertised. And so &c.