Letter ID: 1042
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.150r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1042/008
Date: 21 May 1591



Endorsed: [Tho.] Bodeley./

Later Addition: Belgia 1591 21 May to Master Bodly

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: May:

Sir. As I wroate unto yowe this other daie that I would sent unto yowe summ perticuler matters against sondry of that Cuntrie for Carrieng of powder, municion, and victuels into Spaigne, and the legate townes in France, to thend yowe might charge the States thearewith, soe doe I heare inclosed send the same unto yowe, althowgh manie more might be collected, if anie would serve to attend the same, uppon letters taken, & confessions made heare. And so for this time I Commend mee to yowe vearie hartelie./ From my howse in Westminster this xxjth of Maie. 1591 Your vearie Loving frend./. William Burghley