Letter ID: 1030
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.130r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1030/008
Date: 17 April 1591
Copy of: 0297



Later Addition: Belgia 1591 17 Aprill To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: April

May it please your good L. this daie I Rxd her Highnes lettre to the Generall States, and an other to my self, which was written by your L. the 9th of this moneth & wholie concerned the affaires of Oostend. The lettre to the States I delivered assoone as yt came to my handes. And because I found in the reading which was don in my presence in the Assembly of the States, that it was the answere to a letter which the Councell of late had sent unto her Majesty, I excused the erour as well as I could, & shewed that the writer in the indorsing of the letter had mistaken the States for the Councell of State, howbeyt ther was a meeting both of the States & of the Councell to consyder upon the matter recommended in the lettre, wherin they rest affected, as I have formerly signified, & as your L. may parceave by their answere to her Majesty. They speake against the Gouvernor with very much passion, & let mee saie what I liste, it will nothing prevaile: that I se in the end they will either be maisters, or take some other course, that may easely marre all.

Your L. may remember that at midsommer last the States of Guelders made choice of Count Maurice, to succeed the Count de Meurs in the County of Zutphen. The Councel of State, & likewise the Count himself let them then understand, that the forme of theyr election was against the 24[th] article of the Treaty with her Majesty, by which it is provided that in every such vacation of a Gouvernor, the Province yt self shall nominate 2 or 3 parsons, of which the Councell of State shall make election of one. The States of Gueldres therupon, writ letters of intreaty in December Last, that albeyt their order of proceeding was not holy in forme according to the treaty yet because Count Maurice was sufficiently qualified, & the meetest parson for the place, that yt would please the councel in that respect, to dispense with the foresaid Article & ratifie the election alredy made. It was a matter much debated in sondry consultations, & as I am parsuaded, h[ad b]in quietly caried against the meaning of the Contract, but that I opposed somwhat earnestly against yt. For I urged precisely the observation of the former, alleaging mine othe that bound mee unto yt, a particular charge, by reason of my place, & the danger of the consequence, if the Councel should dispense with any point of the Treaty, For as it was concluded by her Majesty, & the States, so in case of dispensation, without fol.130v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: April

Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer April 17 1591.

her Highnes assent their actions were frustrate. Wherupon for that time, there was nothing don in the election. But as this daie those of Guelders either finding themselves their owne error, or admonished frome hence by some of the Councel of have yeelded to proceed as the Councel /Treaty/ requireth, & in a new nomination have joyned Grave John of East Frize with Count Maurice. Howbeyt the other being named but for forme the Election of this Councel is past upon Count Maurice. Having no other mater to advertise your L. I take my humble leave. Hage April 17 1591.