Letter ID: 1024
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.119r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1024/008
Date: 28 March 1591
Copy of: 0237



Later Addition: [Belgia: 1591: March]

Later Addition: To [[.]]

It may please your H. to be advertised, that I receaved of late a letter from my LL. of the Councell, with charge to deale with the Generall states, about the relaxation of a certain newe custome, imposed by the states of Holland, upon Inglishe clothes. Also to the same effect the Company of the Marchants adventurers have written unto me from Middlebourgh. Howbeit it is but in generall termes, without any specifi- cation what custome it is, wherewith they finde themselves aggrieved: nether can I learne it otherwise by any that are here. Wheruppon I am forced to attend a further informacion from the Marchants, which when I have receaved, I will doe my uttermost diligence in folowing their cause. Moreover this day the Councell of state hath dispatched a letter to my LL. of her Majesties Councell, in answear to that which Master Wilkes delivered by worde of mouth to Master Ortell, concerning their late petitions: wherein thei complaine, that my LL. in maters of suche moment, vouchesafes not to yeld an answear unto them in writing. They have also written to Ortell, wherein they specifie those pointes of their fomer letter, whiche they would have to be solicited, till their LL. answear be obtened. They can not justly complaine, as I have signified unto them, as for want of an answear, con- sidering that her Majestie hath of late, and at sundrie times, both by letters and otherwise, re- quired an answear from the Generall states, to causes of as great or greater Consequence, whether wherto no answear hath bin made by fol.119v

Endorsed: To Master Secretary 28 March 91/ Anno 1590 1591

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: March

word or by writing. [.] there was litle contened in their late letter, wherunto they had not already both by from me, and otherwise receaved satisfaction, as I particu- larely declared. But partly by themselves, and partly otherwise I might parceave, that they had bin charged expressely by [the] Generall states to require that answear in writing which Master Wilks imparted by word of mouth. I can not conjecture wherto this curiositie of the states doth tend, unles it be to have somwhat to a[.] unto the Provinces, thereby to serve their owne turnes, as if her Majestie had no [.] of observing the Contract: which may happely appeer, if it may please your H. uppon orderly solicitation, to require his demandes /to be sett downe/ in writing, &c./. 28 March 90 91