Letter ID: 1020
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.111r-112v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1020/008
Date: 16 March 1591
Note: On fol.111r there is the signature 'S'.
Copy of: 0290



Later Addition: Belgia 1591 stilo Romano 16 March To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591 March:

May it please your good L. I sent my last before this the 10th of this moneth wherin I made answere to her Majesties lettre of the first & to divers of your L. of severall dates. Howbeit in certain pointes I was driven untill this time to differ mine answere, partly for that it required some leysure to use such conference & enquirie, as might satisfie her Majesty, partly also for that mine answere depended upon the resolution of this Councell, which I could not so speedily procure as I would, wee have often bin together about th'affaires of Ostend , wherin they have bin moved as her Majesty required, & as earnestly as might be. But they again ar as instant to have her Hignes advertised, that whatsover shalbee needfull for the defence of the place against the sea or the ennemy shalbee carefully provided: and for th'accomlishing therof they have written there unto theyr officers to certify particularely how every thing doth stand. But they know no consyderacion by which they should be induced to strengthen the town with 2 companies more. For they stand precisely upon yt that the Companies there alredy, which are 8 at this present are more then ar needfull. And touching that which hath bin signified unto /by/ the Governor unto them, that the D. of Parmais bent, & prepareth to surprise or besiege, or distresse it some waie, they do not understand yt to have any good ground. And theyr officers there in place, which never fail to informe of every speciall occurrence, advertise no such matter. And albeit it were so, they repute them selves well able to relieve it in extremity. The gouvernor, they think, is therfore desirous to encrease his companies, that hee might make a better warre upon the Ennemies countrey, But they on the other side are parsuaded, that although his exploites may somwhat weaken the ennemy /and thereby benefitt the contrey/ yet any one overthrow, that may bee given to the troupes that hee shall send abroade, will more endanger the town, and endomage theyr estate, then all those litell warres can turne to theyr good. There are yet besides some other respectes for which the Councell doth refuse to assent fol.111v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: March:

to his demand, as they them selves will declare in theyr letter to her Majesty. I have also recommended unto them her Highnes motion for the enlarging of his paie. Wherin they promise heerafter to do somwhat, as they may & as they see the contributions of those quarters will stretch unto. But as now they saie they are enforced to husband all unto the uttermost, to beare theyr necessary charges The present entertainement which is given him is 40li a moneth which is more then they allow to any other governor of any garrison town of theyrs excepting Monsieur Famma Governor of Hoesden, who in consyderacion of his charge, being general of the artillery hath also 40li monethly & no entertainment for that office. I cannot learne by enquiry, that there is other preparation of shipping, by those of Graveling Dunkerk or newport, then hath bin usuall heertofore, They have bin buisier of late & mor abroad, then at any time in the sommer, becaus the ships of the states ar wont in winter to retourn, which is the time the others observe to excercise their piracie. But now the season is again that the States do enter into conference about the setting forth of theyr shippes, which time I do attend to propose in theyr meeting her Majesties pleasure. Becaus I have seen that letter which was lately written to your L. from Sir Francis Vere wherin is certified in parte what is thought upon this sommer to bee exploited by the States; & because it partly belongeth to Sir John Norreisreport, to whom the States in that matter have signified somwhat of theyr purpose, I will not trouble your L. wth a double rehersall. The just acchount that they have made, howsoever in publick they deliver it otherwise is to bring at least into the field 8000 foote a[nd] 1800 horse. I have made no mention heer as [yet] the cause, that was sollicited by the Deputyes of [Flushing] [In margin: for I have alwaies understood that the vittailers]
to whom Captain Wingfield , & Randolf were indetted, [have receaved] fol.112r

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: March:

long ago some parte of satisfaction of the towne it self of Flushing, how much I am not certain, but I will endevor by some meanes to know the certainty, & certify your L. For as yet I am parsuaded, that the deputies pretence in behalf of the widdowes, is a litell peece of cunning to recover that from her Majesty, which the towne hath disboursed. Howbeit if it fall out otherwise, & as they have informed I will present the matter to the states to be ended in such sort as your L. hath proposed. Your L. letter of the 25 of February was brought but yesterdaie unto mee. The towne of Nieumegen is much molested every daie with the sconce that is befor yt, which wee made the last sommer. They have deputed theyr Governor, 2 burgmasters, & 4 burgers to shew the D. of Parma, that unles with in a time which they have limited unto him they may be freed of that fort, they will presently fall in treaty wth the States of those countreys. This is written to Co. Mauricefrom a friend within the towne. Although in writinge to your L. it may but ill besteem mee, to prefer other causes then ar partinent to my service, yet at Master Gilpinsvery earnest request, I cannot refuse in his behalf to sollicit your L. with all humble entreaty, that his late petition for succeeding his kinsman John Gilpin may be heard with such favor, as either your L. may vouchsafe of your self or by your honorable meanes may be easily procured. Being greatly charged with a family of children, & having nothing in assurance for the staye of his living hee is very carefull in minde to provide him self of some estate. How well hee hath deserved for his painefull endevours in her Majesties service buisines, and also for herafter, how much it may behove to have his service heer continued, as no man can consider better then your L. so I put him in good comfort that no man wilbe redyer to reward or recommend him, when occasyon is presented. It is the opinion heer of many, & the like is advertised by divers out of Brabant fol.112v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: March:

that the D. of Parma is staied from either going himself or sending into Fraunce.For the new supply of succors that shall bee sent from the Pope, & shall come out of Spaine, is thought enough to serve the turne for any purpose in France & in that respect it is reported that these great preparations of the Duke in thes countreys are wholy for the warr that hee is bent to make heer, & that his principall dessigne is to besiege Breda.notwithstanding that answere that I have given to the Councel, as your L. willed in your letter of the 13 of February they are sutors once againe that I should move her Majesty in theyr behalf for the augmentacion of the 4 horsebandes that are heer in her Majesties paie to the number of 120. They are thorouly parsuaded that if her Hignes would refer yt to theyr agreement with the Captaines, they should take such order as they should all be contented, as these contrey captaines have bin alredy to accept the allowance of 20 shillings for every horse, & to have their armor of the Countrey. which shalbee deducted upon their paie in 3 moneths, wherby they infer that the whole for so litell a space as they demand yt which is but 6 or 7 moneths, will amount but to the somme of 700 li sterling or therabout. Being very solemly & earnestly entreated to motion this again, as a matter of that nature, that may greatly advance the service towardes, & grow in the whole to a very small charge, I leave yt to your L. to be reported to her Highnes. & take my humble leave. From the Hage March 16 1590.