Letter ID: 1010
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.88r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1010/008
Date: 19 February 1591

Endorsed: To Sir Rob. Sidney February 19 1590



Later Addition: [1591 stilo] Romano To Sir Robert Sidney

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: February

I am of your L. opinion for Medkerk: for which I have refrayned to saie any thing unto him: for I do wholy now attend the return of the shippe. By him your L. will discrye whether plotte is the better & whatsoever you shall resolve, if you please to lett mee knowe it I will follow that course, that your self shall approve, withall if your L. desire to have the honor of the action, if you be of opinion, that I am any waie able to steed you therin, I beseech your L. to command mee. Captain Littelton hath told me his errand hether, which mee thinkes is a matter very likely to succeed. All that I misdout is the Jalousie of this people, & chiefly of Zeland, who I am parswaded for sondry respectes: would not willingly that her Majesty should have an other gouverment so neer unto them, nor they are not desyrous to advance the publick good of the neybour Province / And whether in that regard they may not bee moved to discover the enterprise I leave you to conjecture. For matter of newes wee are altogether barren. The [loane] that Sir John Norris hath left heer among us, hath choaked us for talking of other occurrences I have certified into England by severall lettres, the great inconvenience of cassing the Companies, And I have wished all the Captaines to attend her Majesties pleasure, before they do proceed to putt it in practise, How my advise therin wilbee construed at home, & what wilbee endevoured by the Captaines heer I cannot well conjecture, but having had from her Majesty some parte of a charge in the conduction of these affaires, I trust this littell staie, till we heare againe from thence, wilbee nothing prejudiciall to her principall Intent. & so for this present I take my leave of your L. Hage. February 19 1590