Letter ID: 1008
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.85r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1008/008
Date: 18 February 1591



Endorsed: To Master Kennet February 18 1590


Later Addition: 1591 [[stilo Romano]] 18 February To Master Kenet

Later Addition: Belgia 1591. February

Sir as I do understand you are commaunded by Sir John Norris, that after the 20th of this moneth you shall surcease to give out any lendinges to certain companies, which hee hath willed to bee cassed, if the States shall stoppe theyr passage. I know not for myne own parte, what reason hee may have to proceed in that sort. For unles you have bin willed by autority from home, to do as hee shall appoint you, I do not otherwise parceave that his warrant is sufficient. for yt is not in his power to detaine the lendinges neither by her Majesties commission nor by her Instructions unto him, I do also finde that his cassing of the companies in that resolute manner as he hath prescribed will bee greatly prejudiciall to her Majesties service, & I have signified my reasons in my lettres into England, which I trust wilbee respected, as in the meane season I have wished the Captaines to attend her Highnes furder pleasure, before they come to the point of discharging the souldiers. I am sory I should bee forced to take a contrary course to that which happely Sir John Norreis hath don for the best. But becaus I see apparant incon- venience in that which hee hath commanded, & because I expect every howre some new direction out of England as also for that by her Highnes commission he was willed to proceed with my advise in these affaires I thought yt very requisit to let you understand my opinion in these actions, & to wishe you to continew to paie the Companies, unles from home you bee otherwise charged & so I leave you for this time with continual thankes for your often lettres & [other] kind cowrtesies, which I hope at one time or other [I] shall have meanes to requite in good sort [.] At this very instant wee have lettres from Breda, [[that the]] Companies begin to [feed] upon the Magasyn, complayn[ing] theyr paie is restrayned, which if yt be trew [[it will]] growe I am afrayd to some notable disorder [[.]] owne parte by my lettres to the Captaines & other [[.]] have any charge in this notion I will seek to [[.]] possible meanes. wherin I shall also request you to [[.]] unles yt be your order out of England to pay them no [[Longer.]] [In margin: February 18 1590]