Letter ID: 1006
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.83r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1006/008
Date: 15 February 1591



Later Addition: Belgia 1591 stilo Romano 15 February To my L. Treasurer

May it please your good L. forasmuch as Sir John Norris is gon into England, wherof I was advertised but 3 daies ago, wheras hee promised to remain at Midelboro or Flushing for 8 or 10 daies: I am therfore to beseech her Majesty to vouchsafe to send mee some direction. For my furder proceeding with the States of these Countryes. For Assuredly the people do murmur more & more & they are earnestly bent to stoppe the passage of their Companies which they will not onely endevour, if the souldiers marche in troupes: but they have taken such order as they can not come single. And though Sir John Norreis hath charged the Captaines to casse the Companies, & hath required the Treasurers deputy to surcease his paiement after the 20th of this moneth supposing by that meanes that the townes must be forced to parmitt them to departe; yet undoutedly the Countrey is so sharp sett against it, as they will minister for a time sufficient vittaile to the souldiers, till they see there is no remedy but her Highnes will parsist in her purpose intended. In this troublesome case the Captaines are so doutfull what course they should follow; that they write their lettres every daie to know my advise. And for mine owne parte consydering the importance of the matter, the discontentment of this people, & the great inconvenience of cassing the Companies, which most men hold opinion willl scatter awaie by multitudes: considering also that Sir John Norris hath bin in England this sevennight that her Highnes both by him & otherwise is effectually enformed of the state of these affaires, & that the winde hath bin good to bring us letters from home; I have advised every Captaine, that hath written unto mee, to staie the cassing of theyr bandes till her Majesties further pleasure shalbee notified fol.83v
unto them. The time I trust wilbee but short and a littel attendance wilbee nothing prejudiciall to the effecting of her purpose. Rather I am parswaded, whensoever her Highnes shall resolve to drawe her subjectes awaie in such manner as is begunn, this protracting of the time will serve in some sort to qualefie these mens choller, & make the Action more easy then it would bee otherwise. For I do assure your L. this dealing already of her Majesty hath so much humbled & amazed both the Count & the rest, that were woont to bee so opposit to all her proceedinges, as I dout /not/ for heerafter but they will shew them selves more conformable. The motion made by the Councell of State to the Provinces for the new levie of 3000 horse & for the renforcing of theyr horsebandes to 120 in every band is generally accorded for 7 monethes, & order shalbee given to parforme it presently. It is written from Collen, & also otherwise confirmed that the Bishop of Liege, & the Duke of Cleave have raysed sondry troupes of horse & foote, with full intention to chase awaie the Spaniard from out of theyr territories. The death of La Motte is advertised hether from sondry places: And so I rest in expectation of your L. next unto mee & take my humble leave. Hage February 15 1590