Letter ID: 1005
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.76r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1005/008
Date: 14 February 1591



Endorsed: To Captain Antony Wingfeld. February 14 1590


Later Addition: Belgia 1591 Stilo Romano 14 February To Captain Anthony Wingfeild

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: February

Sir It had bin very requesit that you had taken a copie bothe of her Majesties commission & of her Instructions to my L. President. For yt might have served your turne not onely the better to satisfie others, but for yt self in like manner to direct your owne proceeding I have heerwith sent you the transcript of the commission which you may kepe to your self or shew to whom you please, but withall I must signify, that seing her Highnes hath ordained, that the execution of these matters shall proceed with my advise. I know not how it will stand that hath bin don in other sort. For what my opinion ys for the cassing of the Companies I declared heer at the Hage to my L Presydent, & as I have also written to that effect unto my L. Treasurer, that yt is a course full of truble & dange[r] & that yt will in a maner bee the ruin of the Companies, & withall I am parswaded, that though they bee cassed, & their pay detayned, yet they shall not onely bee stopped of theyr passage, but they shall have vittailes for a time at the charges of the Countrey, which I thinke they will minister, till they heare how her Majesty will accept of the reasons of theyr refusall. In a matter of this moment the best advise that I can give, which I my self will also foll[[ow]] in as much as may concerne any parte of my charge is to attend theruppon what her Highnes will resolve, which no dout the Importance of the cause yt self the earnest lettres of the States, & my L. Presidentes presence will procure very speedily. This is a [[.]] in this matter that I can answere unto you, having onely for yt self to assure you furder, that if [[.]] chance to have occasyon to trye my affection un[[to]] you shall find mee every waie as forward, as any [[.]] you shall motion can any way require, & so [[&c]] Hage. 14 February 1590.