Letter ID: 0993
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.41r-v, 43r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0993/008
Date: 23 January 1591
Copy of: 0281



Later Addition: Belgia 1501 stilo Romano 23 January to my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: January

May yt please your good L. I have yet no answere from the States to her Majesties laste letters, For either they come not together, or their nomber is not competent or somwhat els is pretended, in excuse of theyr delay. But yet I think er bee long; I shall know their resolution in one sort or other. Monsieur Busenval hath delivered a lettre to the Councell of State from Mareschal Biron, wherin they are intreated to prohibit the marchantes of these countreys to transport theyr commodities to any towne of the Ligue in Normandy and Picardy, but that all may bee discharged in Caen & in Diepe, where theyr vent, gain & payment shalbee every waie as courrant as yt should bee otherwise, The King by that meanes in raising an imposte upon such kinde of marchandise, & parmitting a free traffique between his subjectes & the leagieurs shall enforce his ennemies in those quarters, to seek their provision from the foresaid 2 townes, & make a benefit therby, for the better maintenance of his Army. It is a motion that must go to the Provinces, for which they cannot yet resolve. Monsieur de Turen departed from Arnham ten daies ago, & as it is thought is come very neer to his Journeys end. The bearer hereof Master Wiat can advertise your L of all the particularities wherof The freebooting voyage of Count Overstein wherwith in a former I acquainted your L. Having no other matter that is of any worth I send your L. heerwith an extract of certaine lettres intercepted which were writen from some parsons of quality to the Gouvernor [[of]] Gertrudenbergh. onely so much is copied as se[[ems]] materiall, And so I take my humble leave January 23 90.


Endorsed: To my L. treasurer January 23. 90