Letter ID: 0578
Reference: TNA, PC 2/18/141
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0578/008
Date: 28 February 1591
Copies: 1016 


A lettre unto master Boodly., Whereas we are informed by our very good L: the L: Willoughby that theie is a debt due unto his L: by the estates generall, for the tyme that his L: was Generall of her majesties Forces in the Low Cunteries to some of one thowsand five hundereth thirtie thre poundes and nyntyne shillinges wherof 220li is due unto his L: for his intertaignement as Governer of Bergan opt Zome and the rest being 1313li 19s for the intertaignement of a Companie of horse which debt thought it hath ben often demaunded by his L: of the Estates Generall and that aswell the Quenes majestie have wrighten earnestly heretofore that consideracion might be had of his L: demandes haveing borne the office of L: generall of her majesties Forces, and given them and those Cunteries just occacion by his well deserving of that State that more speciall regard should be had of his L: Neverthelesse these meanes as yet which his L: hath used, nor the mediacion of her majestie & us could prevaile to procure his L: that satisfaccion which is due unto him But Contrarilie his L: hath now of late, both given us to understand that Certaine movables and goodes of his owne are their detayned under arrest upon pretence of a for the hier of a house which as his L: inforemeth us ought to be defrayed by the said Estates generall, and for these respectes hath made earenest suite unto us that he might be parmitted to arrest & staye some goodes belongeing to the subjectes of those provinces under the said States, for the recovery of those somes which are due unto his L: and the assuerance of his goodes their detayned. Wherein we are hetherto, loath to yeald that anie such Course should be taken that might breed troubles to anie of the people of those provinces, But have Caused the deputies lately sent hether from the states to understand his L: greifes and request, whoe have promised to doe their best indeavor att their retorne to procure his L: just satisfaccion to his Contentment: And where his L: hath one other suite which hath likewise ben heretofore recomended to the said States aswell by her majesties owne lettres as ours touching Certaine Bandes of twoe thowsand poundes forfited to his L: by martin De Le Failla and one Haunce Barnard Concerninge the ransome of the said De La Failla who was his L: prisoner. which suite as we are informed is now brought before the said States and their depending with many delaies, to his L: great Chardges and expences in the prosecucion there of, but without effect hetherto, we have thought fol.141v
good to make you acquainted therewith to the end you may take occacion to deale somwhat earnestly with the States in her majesties and our names, and to praie them to have such Consideracion of a noble man that hathe imploied himselfe to his great deteriment for their good & dete borne that Chardge & goverment there, that his L: maie not be occasioned to importune her majestie & us uppon refusall, to do him Justice, to take those Cawses which they knowe Cannott but breed greate inconvenience, and yet in Justice cannott be reasonably denied to his L: So hopeing you will omitt no oportunitie or good meanes to procure that his L: may have satisfaccion att the handes of the States in these Causes. we byd you &c./