Letter ID: 0336
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/353 f.353r-354v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0336/008
Date: 31 August 1591
Copies: 1036 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 14 Maij 1591. Master Bodeleie to my L./

Later Addition: 14 May 91


May it please your good L. to the effect of my last, which I writte to your L. the 5 of this moneth, there is order taken, that within these two daies the greatest part of the troupes, whiche are to be imploied in this sommer service, shall meete together at the Vaert, which is a Fare by Utrecht. For which cause Count Maurice is gone already towardes Utrecht, purposing pre- ently upon the assembly of the forces, to marche into the filde. There are with him in company the L. Burgh, and his brother Sir John Burgh, with a 150 souldiers, which are specially chosen out of every Enseigne of the Brille. For the better direction of the affaires of the warre, it is also resolved that the Councel of State shall reside with the Camp: but the General states continewe alwaies at the Hage. For my self I am purposed, as occasions falle out, and as I finde most behoofull for geving notice to her Highnes of suche actions as passe, to remaine for the most at the Campe, and sometimes at the Hage, for the answear and poursuit of suche causes and letters, as her Majestie may send. Sir Francis Vere being nowe at Duisbourgh is appointed as this night, to surprise the fort before Zutphen, which is supposed to be but weakely garded. Failing of his purpose, he hath order to streicten all the passages that laid to Zutphen and Deventer, and thereafter as they finde that those townes may be distressed, their siege shall be planted before the one or the other.

We are daily advertised of the Enemies fol.48v
preparations of boates, bridges and other need- full provision, for the passage of rivers. But we can not come to notice, what is meant to be exploited. Only this day we have intelligence, by a burger of Nieumeghen, that the towne having often and grievously complained to the D. of Parma, that unles they may be freed of that fort, which was built before the towne, by the states the last sommer, by which they finde themselves greatly dammified, thei shall be forced, er be long, to accord with the states: the Duke therupon hath promised to be shortly with them, and to accomplishe their desire. Which is all as yet that we can learne, of any part of his de- signes. There is nowe accorded by the states a contribution of 10000li sterling towardes the levie in Germany: and there is order also tak- ken, that it shall be presently paied. There are two of the shippes of this contrey escaped out of Spaine by an adventure somwhat strange, which I thought not unworthy to be reported to your L. They were staied at Caliz in Andaluzia, by commission from the King, and were freighted with souldiers, to watche in the streictes for certaine En- glishe shippes, which were expected from the Levant. One of them was of a 100 last, and the other of 80 and eche of them manned with towardes 30 mar- iners of this contrey. The masters grieving to be letted of their course and traffique, agreed by secret compact, to observe an opportunitie, when the souldiers were under hatches, and to shutte them fast. Whiche they did very happely, and upon meeting by chance, at the same time, with a shippe of Breme, forced her to take all the souldiers a borde, which they caused to come fourthe from under the hatches fol.49r
by one and one, and were all sett a land by the shippe of Breme. The other two turned home- wardes, and are arrived in safety at Amster- dame: with 6 brasse peeces of artillerie in eche shippe, and the provision of victualles, pouder, and other necessary furniture, which was putte in to serve the turne, for which they were taken by the King. And thus for want of other mater I take my humble leave. From the Hage. May 14 1591 Your L. most humbly bounden. Tho. Bodley.