Letter ID: 0327
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/264 f.264r-265v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0327/008
Date: 31 July 1591
Copies: 1065 fol.265v

Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 31 Julij 1591 Master bodeley from the haghe concerning Master Chamberlain and Crook for the Mareshall of berghen.

Later Addition: 31 July 91


May it please your good L. Although her Majestie hath vouchesafed by a second letter from your L. to require my uttermost endevor, for the placing of Master Chamberlain as Provost Mareschal of Berghen, for mine owne particular I beseeche yow to conceave, and to certifie of me that I was as forward in that mater, upon the light of your first, as was possible for me, and as I will be in any thing, upon the smallest intimation of her Majesties pleasure. Howbeit, as it seemeth by the postscript of your letter, it hath bin suggested by some of his frindes, that I doe hinder his pre- ferment, by commending of Crooke to the Councel of state: which I protest unto your L. is their owne imagination, and proceedeth from suche persons, as litle heede others credit, to obtene their owne desires. For in my life, that I remember, I had never seene Crooke, but only then, when the Councel admitted him Provost, and at no time sins: nor I can not calle to minde, that for any other cause, ether his name, or any action of his hath bin mentioned sins in Councel, whereby I might have cause, to praise or dispraise him, muche lesse to recommend him, when I see that her Highnes was otherwise affected. As for Master Cham- berlain I did so offer my self at first, and so continewe at this present, to doe him any plea- sure, as I knowe not howe he can require any more at my handes. I have wished him to devise with all his frendes and to sette me downe some course, by which they thinke I may prevaile in persuading this councel, and they shall all of them see, that I will be as earnest in their sutes as they can any way desire. But in truth of my self, as I have often debated both with him and with his frindes, I can not finde fol.264v
any meanes, to bring it presently to passe. To propose it to this Councel, I am alwaies ready, whensoever he will have me, and to do /it/ in his presence, that he may witnes of my forwardnes. But yet in my opinion, as I have flatly told him, unles I had some cause to alleage against Crooke, they will so muche dislike the nature of his sute, as the very motioning of it, will make them more opposit, against him in speciall. For as in my former I advertised your L. they doe alwaies maintene, that both Master Chamberlain entred into that office, and sundrie other of our nation into other like offices in these contreis, by manifest intrusion, being placed disorderly, by those that had no suche autoritie. For suche elections appertene to the Councel of state, as is well enough /knowen/ to Master Cham- berlaine himself, by the practise of the contrey. Moreoever it is mervailed at by some, that a gentleman of a good house, should solicit so ear- nestly for the rowme of a Provost Mareschal in a garrison towne, which the meanest gentleman in these contreis will not only not exercise, but will disdaine to keepe company, with whosoever should have it. Howe the Governor of Berghen hath answeared that letter, which your L. sent unto him, I doe not yet understand: but of this I am certaine, that unles his dealing doe tend to persuading of Crooke, to resigne his in- terest, he can doe nothing in that mater by vertue of his government. I have counsailed both him and Master Chamberlain, to use some honest me- nacing of Crooke, in regard that her Majestie is so bent as he knoweth, and withall to make an offer of some part of recompense, which I have no assurance that he will accept, or that they will offer unto him, but if by that meanes, or any other, he may be fol.265r
drawen to leave his place, then I hope at M[r Chamberlain shall come easely by it, in his sute unto the Councel. And thus recommending my dealing unto your L. consideration, I take my humble leave. From the Hage. July 31. 91. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley