Letter ID: 0319
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/215 f.215r-216v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0319/008
Date: 13 July 1591



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 13 Julij 1591. Master Bodeleie to my L. from Arnham./

Later Addition: 13 July 91


May it please your good L. to be advertised, that with a letter unto me of the 13 of June from the LL. of the Councel, I had an other from your L. to the self same effect; which concerned the procuring of some assistance of shipping to be sent from these con- treis to the L. Thomas Howard. I receaved them bothe the 9 of this moneth: which was a great deale too late, considering the shortnes of time, that was prefixed heere unto them, for the sending of their shippes, and the length that they doe use in con- sultations of importance: for which I stand in great doubt, there will be nothing at this present effected in that mater. Nevertheles I have endevoured to doe /my/ best, as your L. will perceave by my letters to the LL. Of My last before this, which was written the 11 I send your L. the transcript, because I am in some doubt, that my letters should miscarie, which doth happen very often to others that are heere. Both the Count and Councel are very doubtfull at this present, what course they may take to rescue the Fort which the Enemie besiegeth. All our forces are already beyonde the Rhine, and very strongly en- trenched, within 2 dutche miles of the Enemies campe: but so neere unto this towne, as they are out of all danger, that can come from the Enemie. Those within the fort have caried themselves hitherto very [In margin: 12 Julij]
souldierlike. Yesterday morning the Enemie began his batterie, and after 270 shotte attempted about noone to give an assault, by planting certaine tres- sels in the ditche of the sconce, and laying plankes upon them, for the souldiers to passe over. But they were quickly weary of this devise, retiring with the [In margin: 12 Julij]
losse of 200 men. The same day in the after noone those of the fort made a salie, and slewe many of the Enemie, making their retraict without the losse of any one. Also this morning the fort hath bin battered a freshe, but no assault hath folowed. fol.215v
It is an agreement in their reportes, that come hither from the Enemie, that they have lost at the lest, [In margin: 600 lost]
sins the siege beganne, 600 good souldiers.

Upon certaine conference that hath bin late, between the General states and Monsieur de Rebours, it is accorded, that if the Germaine Levie will take their passage this way, and continewe in this con- trey service for 16 daies, to be heere within these 20 daies (for to tarie any longer, or to come any sooner they can not, as Monsieur de Rebours affirmeth) they will assist them with a second contribution of [In margin: xm li sterling]
1000li sterling: and provide them of all neces- saries, at the charge of the contrey, for the passing of suche rivers and waters, as shall be incident to their marche. Monsieur de Rebours would not seeme unto them to be autorised sufficiently to goe thorowe with this accord, without further communication with the Vicount of Turene: for which purpose he retur- neth into Germany as this day. For the spedier returne of mine answear to the LL. of the councel, I doe send this messenger purposely, and so I take my humble leave. From Arnhem July 13 1591. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley