Letter ID: 0317
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/184 f.184r-185v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0317/008
Date: 02 July 1591



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England

Endorsed: [.] 2 Julij 1591 Master Bodeley to my L./ From Lewarden/

Later Addition: 2 July 91


May it please your good L. having no occasion to misdoubt, but that my former letters are safely come unto yow, I have only nowe to signi- fie, that the 28 of the last, Count Maurice with his forces came before Emmentel: whome he had sum- moned before, but found very resolut, to defend themselves against him. There were in it in garrison 250 souldiers. For Verdugo had sent thither threescore of those souldiers, that yelded up Delfzyl, whose cowardice he had punished, but that they promised amendes by their service at Emmentel. It was yesterday beaten with 12 peeces of Canon: but after 3 good volies of shotte, they yelded the fort, upon like composition as those of Upslacke, to depart without their armour which was faire and good, and was delivered to the Englishe troupes, to whome of duty they belonged, for that they served that day in the avantgard.

There is an other sconce of the Enemie adjoi- ning to Emmentel called Leverbert, which is also summoned, and as it is supposed, will be taken in to day: which being perfourmed, their purpose is pre- sently to marche towardes Steenwicke.

I neede not write unto your L. howe the states and this Councel stand affected in their meetinges to the Governor of Ostend. The states have written into England to my LL of the Councel, and the transcript of their letter they have sent to us hither. The Councel heerupon have written for themselves: but it is to her Majestie in answear of her letter written in May, which was addressed unto them, and not unto the states. There were divers clauses of the letter, which they thought over bitter, giving fourth in their speeches many tokens of discontentment. The complaintes that come unto them of the Gover- nors proceedinges doe multiplie continually, being most of that qualitie as they will never by no meanes be persuaded to endure. And for myne owne part, though I doe the best that I can to make the best of his actions, yet I assure your L. fol.184v
they are proved so plainely, and go so full against the heare of the government of this contrey, as they can not be excused. For which I wishe, as heretofore I have written to your L. and to the governor in like maner, that these beginninges may not growe to some greater inconvenience. At this very present the Governor hath written to the Coun- cel, that the D. of Parma hath committed the gover- ment of Flanders to the 4 members, that he him- self by report is gone for Italy: for which the Province of Flanders is greatly perplexed, especially Bridges: which he is of opinion by meanes of some good treaty may be drawen to this union. He offereth to be an instrument therein, and to deale with suche direction, as the Councel shall give him. Howbeit they doe not only not beleve any suche intention in the Duke to depart for Italy, or that the government is deferred to the principal mem- bers, but they are utterly unwilling to all suche treaties with the Enemie, aswell in respect of the contract with her Majestie as because they thinke it otherwise to be very full of danger. And to that effect they have written to the Governor him- self. And thus, no other occurrence being offered, I take my humble leave. From Leewarden. July 2 1591. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley