Letter ID: 0309
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/106 f.106r-107v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0309/008
Date: 03 June 1591
Note: This letter is endorsed as the 3 of June by Bodley. Burghely has annotated 'Julij' adjacent to the subscription. The endorsement notes this letter's date of sending as 3 July 1591. A later hand in pencil notes the date as 3 June 1591.



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: 3 Julij 1591. Master Bodeleie to my L/.

Later Addition: 3 June 91


May it please your good L. because I stande in some doubt, whether the answear of the states for their course of navigation will be sent directly from themselves or exhibited heere to me, to be conveied to her Majestie I thought it expedient to send your L. heerewith the transcript of suche pointes, as I proposed unto them the 2 of June, and they required then in writing, as they are commonly accustomed in maters of any moment. For I reserved it hitherto, thinking to have sent it, together with their answear.

We have freshe intelligence from the campe, that after 30 canon shotte, the sconce of Lever- bert, or Letterbert, hath yelded unto us, with like conditions as Upslacke and Emmentel, of which in my former I advertised your L. The campe is yet remaining within 5 English miles of the towne of Groeninghen, where Verdugo with his forces doth keepe very stronge. Howbeit it is thought we might beate him from thens, were it not feared in that case, that the towne of Groninghen being pressed, would re- ceave him with a garrison, which would be worse for our purpose, then it is as this present. Wherupon it is supposed, that as it hath bin re- solved, and I have certified your L. the Army will come forward, to the siege of steenwicke.

The greatest part of Parmaes forces, and he himself, as the bruite goeth heere, is still about Mariembom and Rees, but we can not yet conjecture at his further intent. And so at this present I take my humble leave. From [In margin: Julij/.]
Leewarden. June 3 1591. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley