Letter ID: 0298
Reference: TNA, SP 84/41/355 f.355r-356v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0298/008
Date: 26 April 1591
Note: At the word 'declare' on fol.355r, the writing continues perpendicular to the body of the letter in the left hand margin.



Addressed: A Monsieur Monsieur Norreis Chevalier et Governeur de la ville D'ostende.

Endorsed: Master Bodley 91.

Later Addition: 1591 (April) United Provinces


Sir, I can not choose in duty, being earnestly moved by this Councel, and the state of their warres requiring it greatly, but intreat yow againe, as I have done by sundrie former, to assist their present exploites, with as many com- panies, as yow can possibly spare. By all their intelligences, as well by spies, as by others, and by the confession of those Deputies of Bridges, that are nowe in Berghen, there is no apparance at this present of any siege intended. Not only their owne governors heere of every towne and Province, but my L. Burgh, and Sir Robert Sidney, and Sir Thomas Morgan are contented in this exigent to streine their garrisons to the uttermost for the increase of the nombers in fielde. And if yow please in like maner to con- curre with the rest, for the furtherance of their generall, and most important en- terprise, yow shall in my opinion doe very /good/ service to her Majestie and the contrey. As on the other side, if they shouold chance to be beaten of the Enemie, for want of forces, or to abandon their attemptes, yow can easely conjecture, where the fault in part will be cast. What hath passed in the campe, and w and what is towardes to be atchieved, because this bearer can declare it at large, I will not trouble yow with rehersall: but wishing to all your actions most happy successe, betake yow to God From the Hage. 26 1591 Yours assuredly and at commaundement Tho. Bodley.