Letter ID: 0286
Reference: TNA, SP 84/41/184 f.184r-185v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0286/008
Date: 16 February 1591


Addressed: To the right honorable my singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurour of England.

Endorsed: 16 february 1590. Master Bodeley to my L.

Later Addition: 16 February 90/1


May it please your good L. for as muche as Sir John Norreis is gone into England, wherof I was advertised but three daies agoe, wheras his pro- mise was to me, to remaine at Middlebourgh, or Flushing, for 8 or 10 daies, I am therfore to be- seeche her Majestie most humbly, to send me some di- rection, for my further proceeding with the states of these contreis. For the people assuredly doe mur- mur more and more, and they are earnestly bent to stoppe the passage of the companies: whiche they will not only endevor, if the souldiers passe in troupes, but they have taken suche order, as they can not come single. And although Sir John Norreis hath charged the Captaines to casse the companies, and hath required the Treasurors deputie to sur- cease his paiment, after the 20 day of this moneth, supposing by that meanes, that the townes must be forced to permitte them to depart, yet undoub- tedly the contrey is so sharply sette against it, as they will minister for a time, sufficient victualles to the souldiers, till they see there is no remedie, but that her Highnes will persist in her purpose in- tended. In this troublesome case, the Captaines are so doutfull, what course they should folowe, as they write their letters every day to knowe my advise. And for mine owne part, con- sidering the importance of the mater, the discontent- ment of this people, and the great inconvenience of cassing the companies, which most men hold opi- nion, will scatter away by multitudes, considering also that Sir John Norreis hath bin in England this sevenight, that her Highnes both by him and otherwise is effectually informed of the state of these affaires, fol.184v
and that the winde hath bin good to bring us letters from home, I have advised every captaine, to stay the cassing of their bandes, till her Majesties further pleasure shall be notified unto them. The time, I trust, will be but short, and a litle attendance will be nothing prejudiciall to the effecting of her purpose. Rather I am persuaded, whensoever her Highnes shall resolve to drawe her subjectes from hens, in suche sort as is begonne, this protracting of the time will serve in some sort to qualifie these mens choller, and to make the action more easie, then it would be otherwise. For I doe assure your L. this dealing already of her Majestie hath so muche humbled and amased both the Count and all the rest, that were wont to be so opposit to all her proceedinges, as I doubt not for hereafter, but they will shewe themselves more conformable.

The motion made by the Councel of state to the Provinces, for the newe levie of 3000 foote, and for the renforcing of their horse bandes to 120 in every bande, is generally accorded for 7 monethes: and order shall be given, to perfourme it presently.

It is written from Collen, and also otherwise confirmed, that the Bishop of Liege, and the Duke of Cleve, have raised sundrie troupes of horse and foote, with full intention to chase away the Spaniard from out of their territories. The death of La Mote is advertised hither from sun- drie places. And thus I rest in expectation of your L. next unto me, and take my humble leave. From the Hage. February 16 1590. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley