Letter ID: 1400
Reference: Kent U1475, C18/6, fol.173r - 174v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1400/008
Date: 26 March 1590
Note: The postscript is located perpendicular in the left hand margin.



Addressed: A Monsieur Monsieur de Sidney chevalier et Governeur de la Ville de Vlissingnes

Later Addition: 1591 26 March

Later Addition: Marche 26



Later Addition: Sir Thomas Bodley to Sir Robert Sydney

Captain Wray hath bin heere, and we have conferred of the mater of your L. letters: of which I receaved one by him, and an other this morning. Before the messenger can returne that yowr L. shall imploy to visit the places, the nightes will be too short, to goe in hand with that enterprise. To disclose the mater to the states, for for mine owne part I dare not, without warrant from home: which yow knowe the time will not suffer to attend. I am of opinion, which is also the judgement of Sir Francis Vere, that it will be best to differ it till October next: at which time, if ther be no alteration of circumstances but that it must be imparted of force to the states, it may be then done, as here thinges shall prescribe. For it would steede her majestie exceedingly if it could be compassed by her self, without the states, and that for sundrie very weightie respectes. I am nothing in doubt of the discoverie of these maters by any of those persons, that deli- vered them to me: and yowr L. I hope can promise for the rest. I beseche your L. because the partie sent thither of late, was imploied by your self, and hath made rela- tion but to yow, howe it standeth in the towne, to advertise her Highnes what yow thinke of the mater: as I in my next, will referre my self there in to your L. report, wishing yow the while all health and happinesse Hage 26 March 1591 Your L. at commandement Tho. Bodley

Postscript: I have newly receaved a letter from Sir Horace Pallavicine by which I am advertised, that the Princes of Germany are better affected than he could expect, promising muche succours as have been required which he is in hope shall be ready to marche the middle of May.

Later Addition: After I had