Letter ID: 0989
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.357r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0989/008
Date: 30 December 1590



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: December.

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 30 December To Master Bodly

After the closyng up of all my lettres I did as yesterday, receave your lettres of the 14 of this month. which I did comunicat with hir Majesty of the contentes. wherof I had receaved knolledg from Master Gilpyn by his lettres dated at Berghen and though hir Majesty be very well parswaded of Sir Thomas Morgan and so hath caused me to wryt to hym [comfortably] yet this second sendyng to the lady from hir father and brother, doth move hir Majesty to dowt of some further practiseng, so as he wisheth the lady war a whyle in England. but the exequetion of the messynger will coole the intercourss.

Hir Majesty wold know whyther the lady did disclose the matter to hir husband as in myslyke therof, or to mak hym soe as to move hym to lyk therof. I pray yow advertise the particularetyes, of the Confession of the second messynger and if yow can of the contentes of the lettres.

I pray yow also advertise the state of Merode and his sonn wher they lyve, and wherof, and what Merodes wiff hath to lyve on, and what porcion is to come to the ij daughters, present, or in revertion./

by your next lettres we shall hear what the vicount hath doone ther. Hir Majesty wold gladly have the use of hir forces that ar out of the 4 townes, to serve a purpooss by sea to the help of the French K in [.]

I have parused the answers of the states and se nothyng to content us. but rather to wish we war rydd of them for therto they tempt us, by ther Contynuall [furnishyng] of the Spanyardes with all kynd of munition, that no enemy can do us more displesure than they do by theyr dayly trade in Spayne. I am very [loath], hir Majesty is herwith trewlie greatly [.] to [.] hir self of aydyng of them, and to attempt how to be quited of [.] yow thynk herof. 30 October 1590 Your assured loving frend W Burghley