Letter ID: 0984
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.339r-v, f.341r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0984/008
Date: 14 December 1590
Note: On fol.339r there is the signature PPP.
Copy of: 0273



Endorsed: To my L. Treasuror. December 14. 90

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: December.

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 14 December To my L. Treasurer

May yt please your good L. the matter of Berghen wherof I referred the report to this letter is thus in effect, The Gouvernor is maried as your L. knoweth to the eldest daughter of Merode, a gentleman that liveth in a neutrall place, but is partially affected to the Ennemies cause. I may well remember that long since I advertized your L. of certaine letters intercepted by which it might appeare that the Bishop of Liege had promised Parma to parswade with Merode (whose abod ys commonlie in the Byshops Dyocesse) to practise with his daughter & with the Gouvernor to surrender to towne into the Enemies hands. To bring this cunninglie to passe, both the father & the sonne who is also for the Ennemie have bin busilie employed, For they have sent at sondrie times both lettres & messages to the Ladie Morgan (theyr hope to prevaile being most of all in her,) to dispose her affection to the foresaid desseyn. Espetiallie of late there was a messenger sent unto hir who pretended somewhat els to bee the cause of his coming but finding for his purpose a fitt opportunitie, presented unto her a letter from her father; which being but of credence, before he would declare the effect of his message hee fell dowen upon his knees, and besought her with teares, to pardon whatsoever hee should utter unto her, which when shee had promised, after hee had used those complements. which hee was willed from her father, which were full of kinde protestations of his fatherlie affection, hee told her in the end, That the onelie thing wherin her father desired to bee grateified by her, wherby shee might also make her self great, & do a singular service to God & the countrey, was to Induce her husband to resigne his goverment to the handes of the King. Hee should bee rewarded for yt, with such honors and Dignities, as no man before had Receaved the like for the like kinde of service. This was presently discovered by the Lady Morgan to her husband, nevertheles shee entreated him in regard of her woord, to bee silent in the matter towardes the messenger, which though hee promised in respect of the messenger, and suffered him as then to departe awaie quietlie, yet hee made the matter knowen to the Councell of State. Moreover this being don about two moneths past the self same messenger is newly come againe, coullouring his coming wth matters of contribution; but bringing secretly with him an other letter from her father. Wherby the Gouvernor parceaving that hee was sharplie bent to poursue this fol.339v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: December.

enterprise, caused an officer to speake upon him & sent him hither to the Councell. and hee examined hee confesseth as much as I have signified before. The Councell of state albeit in theye do acknowledge, that they have bin allwaies in theyr warres most faithfullie served by the Gouvernor, & will not seeme in this action to have him in suspition, yet consydering his estate which they think doth much depend upon the benefit of that Gouvernment, they feare very much in processe of time, the father wilbee able to parswade with his daughter, & that shee may finde the meanes to parswade her husband, or at the least to make some ouverture, whereby the Towne in continuance may be wonne by surprise. For prevention whereof, they have had the matter in debate, & have thought yt very requesyt yf there could bee any meanes to provide the Gouvernor of some other gouverment (where they might not stand in feare of the foresayd practises) that hee should bee then removed with the first opportunity. Alwaies understood that no alteration should bee made without her Majestyes allowance & the Gouvernors contentation. Not to trouble yoour L. with every circumstance, It was supposed heer in Councell, that my L. Burgh by reason of his youth & vallor might affect some place of continuall service against the ennemy, & in that behalf bee desirous to exchange his garrison for that of Berghen. Whereuppon they concluded yf they found him willing thereunto, to entreat her Highnes by theyr letters to conferr the Brill upon the Gouvernor of Berghen. For there they are assured there is no daunger of surprise, & those counterfait occasions of the ennemies often sending will surcease of them selves. To know the sooner in that matter whereunto they might trust, they were earnest with mee to use some conference with my L. & to feele his disposition for accepting that offer. Howbeyt my L. for divers causes, but spetially disliking to hold any gouverment from the States would not hearken to the motion. which being certified unto them, because they knowe no other waie, that wilbe pleasing to the Gouvernor, they have thought it expedient to proceed no farder in the matter. Nevertheles they have determined to execute the partie, that undertooke the foresaid message, hoping thereby that either Merode & the Ennemy will despaire of theyr purpose & so give over those attemptes, or that at least by that meanes they shall finde no more instrumentes to deliver such errandes. This consultation of the Councell hath bin warely held, without the privity of the Gouvernor, or of any man els, that is not of the Councel, my L. Burgh excepted. Lest /happely/ this mater should come in question againe, or by those that knowe to not directly be misrepeated to her Highnes. I thought it my duty to declare it wholy as it was and so I take my humble leave fol.341r

Later Addition: Belgia. 1590. December:

Lest, notwithstanding, it should come in question hereafter, or by those that knowe it not directly /but by bruites/ be misrepeated to her Highnes I thought it my duty, to declare it wholy as it was, and so I take my humble leave.