Letter ID: 0980
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.313r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0980/008
Date: 12 November 1590



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: November:

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 12 November To Master Bodly

Later Addition: Master Bodeley

Sir. At one time I have received two of your letters both dated the xxviijth of the last moneth, the latter whereof did onelie conteine certaine Copies of letters written by the King of Spaigne to his Ambassador with the Emperor. whereof I had heard before, but had not seen the Copies, wheare with hir Majestie being made acquainted is the better satisfied: and hearewith doth concurre som secret intelligence had of the practise which the Deputies of the B. of Liege, whom theie were in thos Lowe Cuntries tending the recovery of the subjectes of thos Cuntries to the K. of Spaignes obedience./

I am glad to see expresslie within thes lettres, a plaine exception of allowance of their Religion with an example drawen from the Pro- testant Princes whoe doe refuse to permitt theire subjectes to be of anie other Religion from themselves, which I hope will be a cooling Carde to anie that shall seeke to recover thos people to such an uncertaine peace./

The Q Majestie perceiving that the D. of Parma hath sent to drawe owt newlie sum more forces owt of thos Lowe Cuntries into France, under the charge of the Counte Charles, would have you deale ernestlie with thos States either of the Counsell, or the Generall to attempt all manner of waies that theie can by offering of Garrisons and other forces uppon the Ennemies Cuntries, as either by the weakenes of the Ennemie to recover from strengthes from thence, or thearebie to Cawse the said Counte to staie with his forces: and to doe anie other thinge that maie bend to withdrawe the forces owt of France: In what sort the thinges are to be done hir Majestie leaveth it to the States, being A matter in all mens Judgementes most necessarie to be regarded & followed.

Sorie I am that the matter of Dunkirke were so much mistaken conside- ring the overtures that have been made first by yowe, theare had been much more probabillitie of good successe./

Concerning the Intelligence yowe have had of the danger of Flusshinge, yowe shall doe well to explore owt the fundacion theareof, whether yt bee a matter of trewthe or dismised, and yet yowe have done well to advertise Sir Robart Sidneie thereof, and so do I also at this present by her Majesties Commaundment, with order to him to increase his garrison as he shall see cawse with the Bandes under the commaundment of Sir Francis Vere, whoe hath also commaundment from hir Majestie to performe the same./ And so I require you to geve the like direcion as yowe shall here from Sir Robert Sidney. From my howse in the Strand this xijth of November 1590. Yoour vearie Loving Frend. W Burghley