Letter ID: 0967
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.273r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0967/008
Date: 08 September 1590



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: September:

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 8 September To Master Bodly

Sir. Hir Majestie being vearie desirous that at this time uppon sum spetiall Course knowen to hir Majestie, that some Attem Attemptes weare made uppon the Ennemie spetiallie in Flanders if yt might be, by such forces both of thes Cuntries, and of hir owne people as might speedelie be drawen together for that purpose, hath at this time written hir lettres to Sir Frauncis Vere verie ernestlie to deale with the Counte Maurice to enterprise this service, and by all the meanes he can to drawe the States Generall or Counsell of Estate to yeld theareunto, which hir Majestie hath a good hope will take effect: And she hath also willed mee ernestlie by my privatt lettres to recommend the same to yowe, that yowe might upo your Creditt and Authorite either with the Counsell of estate or States generall, /expressly in hir name/ as yowe should see Course to effect the same with speed, which would be vearye thankefullie accepted of hir Majestie if she shall understand /that/ they shall reolve speedelie theareof, and so maie yowe lett them understand. And so referring the same to your Carefull and diligent solicitacion, that it maie proceide as hir Majestie ernestlie desireth yt should, I verie Hartelie Commend mee to yowe./ From the Cort at Windsor this viijth of September. 1590. Your Very Loving frend./ William Burghley

Postscript: I pray yow omitt no meanes with parsons publyk or privat to farther this hir Majestyes desyre, a thyng both honorable and profittable, but of all other respectes, most profittable for the French Kynges estat