Letter ID: 0966
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.272r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0966/008
Date: 10 September 1590



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: September:

Later Addition: Belgia. 1590 10 September to Master Bodly

Sir. Thowgh the bearer hereof Capteine Allen hath not the place of Capteine Smithe, yet was such the Q. Majesties liking of him to have that place, and to leave Throgmorton unpre- ferred, as if theare had not hapened within one daie knowledge of a place voide in Ostend by the deathe of one Capteine Salisburye, this Allen should have had the place of Smithe: But he himself was verie willinge to serrve at Ostend in Salisburies place, and so yt hath fallen owt, that Throgmorton shall have the place of Smithe in the Companies of the Bandes under Sir Francis vere, and soe Capteine Allen shall seve, wheare his owne fauncie liketh him under Sir Edward Norris./ Nowe, wheareas hir Majestie hath written lettres at this time to the States generall, and to the Counte Maurice, which this Bringer hath to deliver unto yowe, yowe shall by the lettre to your self understand the Contentes of the other two, which I will neither reporte nor inlarge for that the Argumentes of thes are but the sequell of my former lettres written to yowe by hir Majesties Commaundment: And thowgh the matter be of great importance and consequence to be speedelie executed, and that which weare to be wisshed at this time above anie service that hath been there taken in hand this manie yeres, yet I am sorie to be in dowbt that thes Gouvernors theare will be deafe to the Q requestes, and blinde to their owne proffett: Nevertheles hir Majestie doth the part of a wise prince, and is solicited verie ernestlie by the Frenche K. to have yt prosecuted, and I dowbt not anie thinge of your deligence in followinge of this matter to the uttermost: And for one Argument to the States yowe maie well alledge, that if they shall not further yt with sped, but that it be broken of, or not followed effectuallie by their defawlt, hir Majestie will slacke hir affection towardes them, when percase theie shall have most neade of hir, and soe theie shall deserve yt./

After that this pacquett was redy to de be sent awey. the french ambassador cam hyther with speciall lettres from the french K and required some help of mony, as a thyng most nedefull. so as hir Majesty, shall be disposed to forbeare hir expences intended uppon sendyng of forces out of England which shuld have been iij c men. and convert those chardges to releve the french K This I pray yow kepe secret to your self, untill yow shall heare mor but in any wise haste the succors of that Countrey at Wyndsor 10 September 1590 Your assured frend William Burghley