Letter ID: 0954
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.239r-241v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0954/008
Date: 29 July 1590
Note: This is probably a later copy since the text is in a neat central column and there is no signature or address leaf. There is a signature 'VV' at the base of fol.239r.
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Later Addition: Belgia

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: July.

Later Addition: 29 July 1590

Maye it please your good Lordshipe by our Laste of the 22 of this presente wee sygnefyed howe farre wee had proceeded with the States generall uppon the Pointe of Instructiones propounded unto them ime- diatelye after the dispache of which letters we pre- ssed againe some bettere Resolutyone to our first pro- posytyones whearunto they Answered that unlese wee wold declare in writynge the Reasones of our myslyke of their Aunsweres and ower objectyones to their Appostelles they myght not well proceede to any further Consultacyone, havinge alredy delyvered as muche as myghte be yelded unto consyderinge the presente state of their Contrey and affaires hearuppone to avoide Lose of tyme we presently framed some objectyones in writynge to the moste materialle poyntes of their Appostelles which wee delyvered in their Assembly inlarginge the same by speeches as wee thoughte Convenyent for ther bettere inducemente to allowe of our demaundes and withall did exibit the Reste of the matteres wee had to propound all at once to the ende we myghte Receave some speedye Answeare to the whole./. The 24th wee receaved from them an acte sent unto us by Arlens their Secretarye signefieng their intensyone to send or Reporte to their provinces as well our objectyones as our second proposytyons and therfor desyred of us yf wee had any othere thinge incharge that myght Require their Ans- weare wee wold vouchesafe to delyvere it all- together to be imparted with the Reste to their Su- periores whos myndes and Resolutyones they pur- posed to have uppone the whole matteres of our Negotyacyone./. Wee marvelynge greatly at this determenacyone of the states to send agayne to their provinces and thearby to detracte the tyme havinge by their acte declared a suffitiencye of Authoretye in themse- lves to treate and Conclud with us uppone the matteres of our Charge, wee Resorted unto them and delyvered our opynyones howe Needlese it was for them to take that Course in Respect that by the fol.239v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: July

by the xixth Artycle of the treatye thear was all redy graunted unto the hir Majestie and to the Cou- nselle of the Estate full powre and Authoretye for the Estableshinge of all thinges that did Conce- rve the goode of the Comone wealle or maters of their Martyall diseplyne and that our seco- nde proposytyone tended in effecte to an Expl- anacyone of that artycle, This Artycle wee did purposly from the beginninge forbeare to urge, su- pposyng that they of them selves in their answers unto us wold alwayes have had Consyderacyone thearof, but suche was ether their oversighte in Not Considering the substance of the Artycle or their Skylle and Connynge advisedly to omite the same as when they parceaved us Resolutlye to presse the observance of that Artycle they Rise from the table in a soarte amazed and Retired them selves into another Rome to advise uppone their Answere, whear aftere they had Conferred more then a quartere of an howere they Returned and by their preseydente John Vander Wark one of the deputed for Zeland they delyvered that for asmuche as hir Majestie had Refused the soverainty of their Provinces beinge offered unto hir they su- pposed she wold not nowe seeke it by vertue of the Contracte, that to have more heades or So- veraignes in their stat then one was to make the same a monstere, that the Authoretye gra- unted to hir Majestie by this Artycle was to be Ex- ercysed but for one tyme onelye which was allr- edy Executed by the Comynge of the Earle of Leastere as hir Majesties generall into thes Contr- eyes and that thearfore the effecte of that arty- cle was already parformed and the Artycle va- nished wee disproved their Concepte of any pur- pos of any demaund of soverainety in hir Majestie by Requiringe the Authoretye yelded by that Ar- ticle and declared that the same was not gr- aunted to hir Majestie allone but to hir and the Co- unsell of Estate Joyntly who weare all theire Compatriotes and of their owne body selected & Chosen by the severall provinces as parsones to whome the fol.240r

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: July.

whome the excersyes of their soverainty was Co- mytted and suche as in all formore tymes with the governores of their provinces evere injoyed the lyke under their Princes wee lykewise disproved their Constructyone made of the artycle by Com- paring the sent theareof with the whole bodye of the treatye and made it appeare unto them that the same was No more extract then the Rest that Contynued in beinge and so procecuted the Con- firmacyone therof by asmany argumentes as we Could in thend after longe debatynge and No alteracyone of their Concepte and opynyone touc- hinge their Explycacyone of the artycle appering wee weare forced thoughe in temperate ma- nners) some Round speeches unto them signe- fyeng howe sorye wee weare to discovere their backward affectyones to hir Majestie so clearly ma- nifested by this Conferrence/ The protested Neveretheles their greate devotyone to hir Majestie and fynally prayed that what they had sayd to the purpos of the Artycle myght not be takene as an Aunswere but that they wolde imparte our allegacones to their provinces & Receave our answere and resolutyone to the said Article, wee suspectynge what the provinces myght resolve uppone their Constructyone to be made of the force of the article answered that yf they mente to present the mattere in delybera- cone amonge their provinces wee wold in- lyke soarte recomende the same to the inter- pretacyone of your Lordshipes and the Reste that- weare in Comissyone from hir Majestie in Con- cluding the tretye treaty whearof it maye please your Lordshipes to have good Consideracyone and (yf it maye so seeme good unto you) that the opynyone of the beste learned in the Civille Lawes in England maye be takene uppone the Substance of the Article and signefyed hether with your Lordshipes Constructyone of the same, that they maye not evad from us in this pointe the the Rather fol.240v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: July.

the Rather for that wee parceave wee shall hardlye establishe anye suffityent authoretie in the Governor and Counselle of Estate heare yf wee yelde to the anulling of that article beinge Certenly enformed that some of this assembly have alredye before hande gev- ene Caviates to their provinces to beware howe they accord to their governore and Counsell of Estate the powre gevene by the Contracte because they shalle ther in yeld them Royalle authoretye which by the States Generalle is Challenged by tradissyone frome the people to Remayne in them and Cane by No meanes Indure that a governor from hir Majestie with the Counsell should be invested with that authoretye. by their Reces (as they terme it) to their Province theare wilbe muche delaye used and is in our Conceiptes done of purpos to win tyme that they maye see what succes maye hap- ppene in Fraunce yf the kinge become possessed of Paris accordinge whearunto they will streygh- tene or inlarge themselves in allowinge the dem- aundes made by hir Majestie not that they will ha- stelye become frenche but that they shall therby discerne howe the enemy maye be imployed and hindred from any Notable attempte againste them and so mesure their owne Necessetye to be Relee- ved by hir Majestie./. The Resolutiones that shalle nowe be draune from the provinces to the matteres wee have propounded will yeld the Answeres thearunto of the States so absolute as our further replyes or objectyones will Nothinge altere the same or prevayle or pr- evaile a to amend or reforme the same any jott of their determynacyone havinge alredye at great lengthe at many meetynges delyvered asmuche and as many Reasons on hir Majesties parte as in our poore opynyones of theis Contreyes & matteres wee have delyvered and thearfor nowe after wee shall have Conferred with the Counsell of State to whome wee meane to Repaire to Ar- nhem (I Thomas Wilkes shall have Nothinge to doe heare but to attend the Aunswer from the Provinces fol.241r

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: July

Provinces and States which I looke to Receave the ende of Septembere nexte and not before, in the meanetyme for seeinge the Event hearof I mo- tioned unto the States as of my selfe that they wold lyke of any Repaire into England pretend- inge some partyculer Cause of myne owne and to Returne hether at suche tyme as I myghte understand from them of their Resolutyones taken in the Poyntes of my Negotyatione whearunto they wold in no soarte Condicende but intrea- ted me to staye for that they desired to growe to some Conclusyone uppone the Condissyones I had delyvered Concernyng their trade to Sp- aine, our purpos of Conference with the Counsell is to move them to Joyne with us in Clayminge the authoretye graunted by the Contracte and because I Thomas Bodley by the knoledge I have of their disposytyones doe thinke they will be hardly indu- ced to Concurre with us publykely in that behalfe by Reasone they are for the moste parte unw- illinge to offend the States as fearinge to be Re- moved from their places or otherwise disgrac- ed wee intend to urge them uppone their othe takene for the observacyone of the Contract and ther in Nevere the Lese to be advised and to use suche Course and discressyone as maye beste furder the Cause and leaste offend theone or the other. Untylle it maye be seene what shalbe Resolv- ede and aunswered to our propossytyone thus- fare for the mattere of our Instructyone wher- in wee doe proteste unto your Lordshipes uppone our alleagence to the Queenes majestie wee have Traveled and endevored all that we maye not onely in our publycke Confferences with the states in generall but withe the Cheefeste of them in particulere and Cannote for oure Lyves forejudge what successe will followe of our actyones hearin suche and so strange hathe byne the ma- nnere of their proceedinges with us, usyng bothe Ro- ughe and myld Comunycacyone with them, thou- ghe without affecte./. Wee Receaved from the Leifetenante governore of the Brille a lettere dated the .25. of this pres- presente fol.241v

Later Addition: Belgia. 1590: July.

presente advertesynge that the victuelere having brought Corne to the towne for the provissyone of the Garrysone wheare the orderes are nowe to be put in Executyone the Burgeres of the Towne have inhibeted that Nether the mylleres shall gr- inde the Corne Nor the bakeres Bake the same Whearby theare appearethe a Resolutyone in the people to oppose them selves against that parte of the orderes for victuellinge of the souldiere, and by cause for some Reasones alledged in our form- ore letteres wee thinke it not fyte at this tyme to make any Garboyle between the towne and the Garrisone wee have thought good to advise the Leiutenante Governore to forbeare the Ex- ecusyone of the orderes in that pointe untylle your Lordshipes myght be Advertysed of this oppo- sityone (Which wee Conceave to growe underhand from the States) that wee might Receave your Aunsweare and directyone hearin/ And trulye my Lo: wee fynde bothe by the States and by the townes (Who sithence wee begane to treate) here have sente unto us their Burghures and prin- cepalle offyceres to praye that the victualynge myght be forborne) that it is so offensyve to the inhabytance of the townes as it will breed a greate allyanacyone of the people from hir Majestie for the Apparrells of the Souldieres the States and townes doe not muche myslyke, and to the Souldiere himselfe theare is nothing more offe- ncyve then the victuelle which (as they Complayn in all the garysones) is not onely very Corrupt but sold unto thend at higher Rates then is affo- rded by the Townes and what furder inconv- eniences doe growe thearof will beste appeare unto your Lorshipes by the Artycles Lately sente unto you from the Governore and Captaynes of Bergene whearwithe we have byne made acquinted and fynd them all worthie of Consy- deracyone which wee moste hombly Refer to your good Lorshipes and to take our Leave from the Hage the 29th of July 1590