Letter ID: 0951
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.231r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0951/008
Date: 24 July 1590



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590 July.

Later Addition: Belgia. 1590 24 July to Master Bodly and Master Wilks

Later Addition: Master Wylkes Master Bodley

After owr right hartie Comendations. Wheras the Estates Generall have heretofore written unto us on the behalf of xliiijtie ships of Hollande, that were employed in the voyage of Portingal under Sir John Norris, and Sir Francis Drake that they might be aunswered so muche as they claymed to appartayne unto them for their services: Yow shall understande, that we thought good to commit the examining of the matter unto certayn parsons, whoe were required to enforme us, upon the hearing of both parties, what they shoulde thinke meete to be donne therin: For the better satis- faction of the Estates we have thought good to signifie so muche unto yow, as we have receaved from them, which yow shall parceave by the Copie of their Certificate hereinclosed: Brieflye it seemeth, that they finde no cause, Why anie suche somme of 5019li should be allouwed unto them, as was at the first demaunded: but that all particularities duely considered there coulde be no more demaunded by them the somme of 2540li, if the xliiijty ships had served without any other recompence, or consideration at all. But wheras it is avouched by the Defendantes, and lykewise by the oath of the Viceadmirall, that was sent from the Estates hether to solicit the cause, that all the said xliiijtie ships were offered satisfaction in Corne Which they refused, and that xjty of them freed the Generalles of all demaundes, so that as they might have their discharge and pasportes (as they had) Wee see no cause, Why the said 40 ships should have any further allouwance at all: espetiallie seing it is avouched by the Generalles that moste of them had parte of the spoylles at the Groyne, Caskales, and Penichio, that might reasonablie content them: So as onely ther resteth contentment to be made unto the Viceadmirall, and three more that receaved no suche pasportes, and gave no suche discharge as their Companions did. And towardes the satisfaction of the said fower ships, it is thought, that the Corne, and lading brought heretofore into Horne by Hubert Cornelison will suffice: which yow may require of the Estates to have solde at the best vallues, and employed that waye: for we are informed that the same lading did not apparteine unto any of the Esterlinges, but was laden in Englande for the service of the Armie, and that it was by stelth carried thither. And if besides this after so generall a dis- charge of the saide 40 ships, the Estates shall require a further satisfaction: yow may tell them, that the Generalles doe thincke, that they shoulde be hardely dealt with, espetiallie seing the service was againste the Comon Enimie. And we suppose, that if they shoulde fol.231v

Later Addition: Belgia 1590: July.

be urged any further they will not be brought to any other order, then parhaps to be contented to have that which shall remayne of the 2540li after the sale and deduction of the goodes brought to Horne: defalked upon suche debtes farre exceeding that somme, which are owing unto by the Estates unto Sir John Norreys, and others for their services in the Lowe Countreis: wher- fore yow shall desire them, to holde them selves herewith contented: And we praie yow to send unto us their aunswer, assoone as yow convenientlye maye./. And so fare well/ From the Court at Grenewiche the 24th of June 1590/ Yowr verie loving frendes Christopher Hatton: Cancellor./ William Burghley/ Charles Howard Hunsdon/ Cobham/ Buckehurst/ Thomas Heneage/