Letter ID: 0948
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.221r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0948/008
Date: 21 July 1590



Endorsed: To my L. Treasuror July 21. 90



Later Addition: Belgia 1590 21 July To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: [Belgia:]

According to your L letter to Master Wilkes & mee I do alwaies endevor to make the best construction of that which was delivered to Monsir de St Aldegonde. I do not understand it to bee your L. meaning, that I should have come to the states with to long discourse: but I have signifyed unto them in theyr full assembly, & in the presence of Master Wilkes, that wheras of late I had used some speech unto them astouching Monsieur de St Aldegonde I was [now] advertised from her Majesty, that being come agayn into England, & bringing with hym the French Kes letters, hee had purged himself in so good sort, as her Highnes desyred no furder satisfaction, & thereupon also shee had given mee in charge, to entreat them in like manner in her behalf to put all in oblivion, as yf no such matter had happened, & to beare that affection unto him, as they have don heretofore & his qualityes deserve./ To my best understanding yt was not needfull to say any more, & yt seemed sufficient to content them, who signifyed unto mee that they were very glad to heare that her Majesty had Rxd so good satisfaction. notwithstanding that the generall states have hethertoo proceded very slowly & untowardly with Master Wilkes & mee in our other buisnes, as by our letter joyntly signed your L. may parceave yet wee are told underhand, that they are partly resolved to retourne some better aunsweres, wee are also put in hope that in regard of that declaration which her Majesty hath signed, & wee have shewed, but not delivered unto them wee shall induce them to publish a generall oblivion & restitution to theyr former states, if not for all [ther] for the greater parte of those parsons, that are that way charged, which I do assure your L. for many weighty respectes is no lesse expedient to bee urged & obtayned, then whatsoever d[ls] of our charge that may touche her Majestyes service./