Letter ID: 0942
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.204r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0942/008
Date: 16 July 1590
Note: On fol.204r there is the signature NN.



Later Addition: Belgia 1590: July

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 16 July To Master Bodly

Later Addition: Master Bodeley

Sir. After my vearie hartie Commendacions: with your lettres of the ixth of this moneth I receved others from Master Wilkes both delivered unto mee by one Messinger wheareby I doe perceive the delaies used by the States in awnswearing him to thos thinges that he hath propounded unto them, where- with hir Majestie having been made acquainted, as in like sort my LLes of the Counsell, yt is thowght fitt according to hir opinion that he deliver them together the whole of his Negotiacion as I have written unto him, wheareuppon it will be seen what course theie will take in the awnswearing theareof. I have also written to him that both he and yowe would labour in privatt in the best sort yowe could by your frendes and meanes, to withdrawe the States and people from herkning to such ouvertures of peace, as maie be motioned uppon Richardot comming home, whearein I praie you to be Carefull to doe what yowe can: And asmuch as yowe have written of your understanding of the Aucthoritie geven to him to make certaine offers to the Inhabitantes of the Provinces, to bringe them to a Peace, I have had confirmed unto mee by lettres from Brusselz and other places, which in the ende if theie should prevaile would in trewthe tend to the utter utter overthrowe of that people and Cuntrie, as hearein at large I have written to Mr Wilkes. Whearewith I am sure he will acquaint you: But in that respect, and that it is not unlikelie but all meanes possible will be used by Richardott and that partie to winne the people, by such faire offers to a peace, It shall be wisedome to treate with the States in thes matters that Master Wilkes hath to deale in, by all gentle meanes, to [conceive] them in a good opinion of hir Majestie & hir Actions. And so I Commend mee for this time hartely to you. From the Cort this xvjth of July. 1590 Your assured loving frend./ William Burghley