Letter ID: 0939
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.189r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0939/008
Date: 06 July 1590



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: July

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 6 July To Master Bodly and Master Wilkes

Later Addition: Master Wilkes Master Bodeley

After my vearie hartie Commendacons to yowe bothe./ Hir Majestie havinge knowledge of the arrival heare of Monsieur St Aldegonde, as commen out of France and bringing lettres to her from the French K. were pleased yesterdaie to permitt him to have accesse unto hir presence: At which time the former matter of imputatcion laide to him, that he should have made an overture to the said K. as from the States, for the takinge into his proteccion their Cuntries of the United Provinces, being spoken of, he did not onelie fullie satisfie hir Majestie thearein, that he neither have anie Comission to deale in such part with the K. or that he ever opened his mowthe to him or anie other to that intent, But also browght unto hir Majestie the Frenche Kinges lettre by which he doth fullie cleare him for [motioning] or dealinge with him in anie such matter, which if he should have done he assureth hir Majestie he would not in anie sort or with anie Condicions have herkened theareunto: And thearefore as hir Majestie resteth fullie satisfied of his clearenes thearein, soe least sum misunderstanding of my former lettres written to yowe Master Bodeleie, whearewith the States have been made acquain- ted by you, (by which I wrote to you, that it had been advertised out of France, that he should have delt in the said cawse but as I perceaive conceived by yo[u, that the K. had advertised yt, wheare in trewthe the K. himself never wroate anie such thinge) manie breade in the said States sum Jailousie orhard opinion of him: I thearefore praie you both, if yowe finde anie such matter setled in them against him, to remove the same, by such meanes as you can: for that hir Majestie resteth fullie staisfied of his direct & honest cariage of himself, in the matter of his Negotiacion. withowt making anie such Ouverture as was surmised against him. And soe I Commend mee hartelie to yowe both. From the Court this vjth of July. 1590. Your assured lovinge frend. William Burghley

Postscript: Hir Majesty hath expressly Commanded me to wryt hertofor to yow both.