Letter ID: 0937
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.183r-184v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0937/008
Date: 18 June 1590



Endorsed: 18 June 1590 From my L. Treasurer to excuse Aldegondes dealing with the French K &c.



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: June

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 18 June To Master Bodly

Good Master Bodeley, though I receave from you many, and retorn to yow few lettres, yet yow may not therby mesur in me lack of good will, for I do assure yow, I know no counsellor nor other that hathe better opinion of yow than I have, for your understandyng, and habillite to supply that place which you hold or rather a farr better. I made hir Majesty acqueynted not only with the contentes of your last lettres, but with the hearyng of me to rede the same to hir, because I noted to hir, how clerely and wiselly yow did wryt to me. and offeryng to hir a lettre which I had redy penned to authorise yow to joyn with Master Wilkes. she willed of hir motion a clause to be added to testefy hir allowance of your service. Wherof yow may do well by some of your next lettres to mak metion, as in waye of humble thankes to hir Majesty for the same. I am sorry that yow war [misinformed] to saye to the states, that hir Majesty had knolledg from the french Kyng that st Aldegonde had made motion to hym to receave those Countryes into his protection. it is trew that hir Majesty was so advertised out of france, that st aldegonde had delt therin with the french K. and with the Marshall de Byron, but in truth the french Kyng, doth very honorably deny it. and as I remembre, I did never wryt, that her Majesty understood it from the french kyng. and therfore I wish it to be salved as yow may procede herto, for avoydyng of offendyng of the french Kyng. I am glad to se the favor of fortune towardes the martiall affayres of the states. and in my opinion the [advers] face to e spanish party, I pray God cotynew the same courss still. and so [.] I wish to Master Wilkes and yow better success than I [dare] [.] to hope I send to yow hereincluded the Q. lettre to yow. prayeng yow to send me a list of the names and qualleties of the parsons representyng the Generall states or of the principall of them and of the Counsellors of the state. From the Court at Grenwych 18 Junij 1590. Your very loving frend. W. Burghley