Letter ID: 0928
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.153r-154v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0928/008
Date: 23 May 1590



Addressed: To the R. Worshipfull my vearie Loving frend Mr Thomas Bodelie Esquier Counsellor for hir Majestie in the counsell of Estate in the Lowe Countries./

Endorsed: 23 May 90 from my L. Treasurer



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: May


Later Addition: Belgia 1590 23 May To Master Bodly

Sir. As I remember I have heretofore by my lettres lett yowe understand of hir Majesties intention to have sent my L. of Buckhurst over thither, to have delt with the States generall in such matters as both on the one and other side have been awrie, to thende that sum good agrementes might have growen theareuppon: and the Contract better kept than hitherto yt hath been: But that purpose is nowe changed, both by reason of sum imperfeccion that my L. findeth in his healthe being not well hable at this time to take that Journeye on him, As besides the necessarie use hir Majestie hath of his L. service, being hir Lieutenant of the Countie of Sussex A maritime shire as you knowen, lieing in danger of the Ennemie if he should attempt anie thinge towardes this Realme, as theare is noe assurance what course he will hold, as either towardes Fraunce, Ireland, or this Realme: but for more suretie hir Majestie and Counsell have thowght yt fitt to have both that and the rest of the Maritime Counties to be putt in a readines, and the Lieutenantes to be theare abidinge, to geve direccions for the service as matters maie fall owt: In his L. steed hir Majestie hath named and appointed Master Wilks, one alreadie knowen to them, whoe shall be sufficientlie instructed to treate and deale wth them in all those matters, that my L. of Buckhurst was to have delt in, and shall hasten him self thether with asmuch spede as maie be, which I praie you to make knowen to the said States, and of this Cause of my L. of Buckhurstes staie, least theie might expect his comminge out against the ende of this moneth as wee appointed: And I doe not dowbt but yowe will soe handell this matter for my L. of Buckhurstes staie at this time for the reasons aforesaid, as that the States shall rest Contented therewith./. fol.153v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: May

I am further by her Majesties Commaundment to lett you understand of a Strange course she hath had to be held by St Aldegonde at his being latelie in Fraunce, whoe as you knowe pretended his going thither to be to acquaint the K. with the Contentes of those intercepted Lettres which he had deciphred, which hir Majestie perceiveth was but a Collor to shaddowe other his purposes, althowgh she cannot or will not thinke, that the same was done, by the direccion or privitie of the States. His manner of dealinge both by speeche to the K. himself, and as to Mares- chall Breon, and other of the Kinges Counsell, was to offer to the K. the proteccion of that Cuntrie, with such Condicions as hir Majestie (for their good onelie) hath to hir inifinite Charge de- fended them which the S. not onelie refused, but hath acquain- ted hir Majestie therewith and with his refusall: A strange manner of proceading that of his owne head withowt aucthoritie from the States generall, he should presume to treate theareof, for from the States hir Majestie assureth hir self he never had Com[munication] or warrant to deale thearein: And thearefore hir Majesties pleisure is that nowe when yowe shall have occasion to speake with them, touchinge the staie of my L. of Buckhurst, and the comminge out of Master Wilks, you would also informe them of the said dealinges of St Aldegond, that she maie receive from yowe or them their awnsweare theareunto. And so for this time I Commend mee veareie hartelie to you. From my howse in the Strand this xxth of Maye. 1590. Your assured Loving frend W. Burghley


Later Addition: [Belgia: 1590: May]

Postscript: Sir. After the sealing of the former part of my letter, attending a messenger of the convenience thereof, yoour later lettre of the xvijth of this moneth came to mee, by which I was vearie glad to perceive that by the understanding yowe had had both from Embden and Friseland of the expelling of the K. lieutenant Governor by them of Groninghen with the rest of the K. Counsell, And the desire you have of the hastening the sending of hir Majesties lettres, which you hope will take good effect: which lettres weare three daies since and more dispatched towarde you by Percivall, & I dowte not will take that good effect that you [theare] and will heare expect and desire./ From my house in the strand this xxijth of Maye. 1590 yoour verie Loving frend. W Burghley

Postscript: mi L. of buckhurst is stayd for this sommer season, as Lieutenant of Sussex a marityme County, for that we ar not [.] of expectation of the Spanish flete to come [to] Newhaven, which is opposit to Sussex./ but [Master] wilkes shall come with that spede that may be, [to] Joyne with yow in the Causes intended by the [L.] of buckhurst