Letter ID: 0927
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.152r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0927/008
Date: 08 May 1590
Note: Instructions. No address leaf.



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: May.

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 8. May [T]o Master Bodly

After our hartie comendacions: Whereas the States generall by two severall lettres, the one of the 24. of Marche last written to her Majestie and the other to us of the last of Aprill following, bothe to one effect desired, that some order might be taken for restitucion of certen goodes staied and taken by her Majestes subjectes from divers of the inhabitauntes of the Provinces united conveyed by them towardes Spaigne whereof some complaintes have ben formerly exhibited: and that some course might also be taken to parmitt them to have and use their ordinarie trade with Spaigne, alleaging the incomodities growing to the Provinces by the interruption thereof: and lastlie, they intreated that her Majestes auxiliarie forces might be mainteyned complete, shewing that by reason of the greatnes of the garrisons of Berghen and Ostend, (where fewer companies might suffice) they could not drawe into the feilde above 1200. footemen and 200. horse of the said succors. To which lettres and demaundes by ours of the first of this presente, we gave answer; that suche of the inhabitauntes of the said Provinces as had pursued their causes here in Justice, had already receaved either restitucion of their goodes or satisfaction otherwise, and that if the rest that were interessed would prosecute Justice against the parties by whome they have ben damnified, like course should be held for their satisfaction. For the matter of their trade, they were referred to suche conference and conclusion as should be had betwene the States [.] /, and such parson of qualitie/, whome her Majestie hath now resolved to send over by or before the ende of this moneth to treat with them for the reforming of the presente disorders and confusions. And to the last, concerning the wantes and weaknes of her Majestes forces, they were put in remembrance as well of the difficultie of the daylie supplyes to be made from hence as of the importance of the two Townes, and howe necessary yt was to have them stronglie guarded in respect of the daylie practises attempted for their surprise, as for that they were cause of a great and continuall charge to the Enemie, with (if these Townes were recovered) woulde be emploied in action of invasion against them. From the Counsaill of Estate, we receaved a lettre of the 14 of february contayning divers pointes, whereunto they receaved our answers by way of appostilles of the xvth of Marche, and because by a seconde lettre from the said Counsaill of the 7th of Aprill they urged againe an answer thereunto, whereby yt seamed unto us, they had not ben made acquainted with our said appostilles, (whereof we sent one copie to the States generall, and another to you) we thought yt good to referre them nevertheles to the said appostilles with signification of her Majesties fol.152v

Later Addition: Belgia 1590. May

Later Addition: Master Bodley

resolucion to send over [.] /a parson of qualitie/ by whome they should be enformed of her pleasure in all thinges concerning their demandes: and for that we doubt not but you (being of that Counsaill) shalbe made partaker of the effect of our said lettres unto them, we forbeare to signifie the same at large, and have only imparted unto you thus much to the end you should not bee ignorant of that which hath ben don herein. We were contented to yeild them some aunswer before hand in respect of sundrie messengers by them sent hether with their said lettres, who had attended here the longer by reason of the sicknes and decease of Master Secretarie Walsingham, with whome their lettres remayned not comunicated unto us. And so for this tyme we comytt to God. From the Court at Grenewich the viijth of May 1590 Your verie lovinge frendes, William Burghley Buckehurst John Perrot John Fortescue