Letter ID: 0926
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.149r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0926/008
Date: 17 May 1590
Copy of: 0242



Later Addition: Belgia 1590: May.

Later Addition: Belgia. 1590 17 May To my L. Treasuror

It may please your L. to bee advertized that by lettres which I have right now Rxd from Embden & out of Friseland yt is signified unto mee that the towne of Groeninghen hath expelled their Lieutenant Governor for the King & the rest of the K. counsell there. They are also entred into parle with the states of Frise & there are hostages sent from both sides. Of this I thought requisyte to certifie your honor L. with all expedition, & with all to beseech you that yf yt may stand with her Majesties pleasure, to write her lettre to Groeninghen, in such sort as in former letters which I sent by an expresse messenger was desired they may bee sent heither with all possible speed, for the having of that place is esteemed a matter of greater importance to these Provinces then the city of Antwerp, & there is no man here that douteth but that upon her Majesties letter they will presently condiscend to a good composition. And thus &c. Hage. May 17 Anno 90.