Letter ID: 0924
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.139r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0924/008
Date: 12 May 1590
Copy of: 0241



Endorsed: To my L. Treasuror 12 May 90


Later Addition: Belgia 1590

Later Addition: 12 May To my L Treasurer Belgia: 1590: May


It may please your L. to bee advertized that since the writing of my last which I sent to your L. the 9 of this moneth, wee have had no intelligence from the Camp which came before Nieumeghen the 5 of this present, but that they cannot fortifie as they would, for want of pioners and labouring men. The states of Gueldreland should have taken the charge upon them, but yt hath bin so neglected, as wee stand in dout yt will bring that enterprise to nothing, since the losse of Berck that province hath proceeded very coldly in all affaires with the lest of the Provinces, for which yt hath bin feared, as yt is at this instant, that yf yt speed not well wth the French King, there wilbee some treaty between them & the Ennemy. Because yt was pretended in that last lettre which was sent from the generall states to my LL of the Counsell, that both her Majesty & my LL. receave the informacions of mens proceedinges in these countreyes from passionat parsons & ignorant of their estate, I have herewith sent your L. the copye of a remonstrance or form of complaint which was projected heer in Counsell at the very same time as I lastly dealt with the States. For as I have alwaies signified this Councell of Statehath ever complain[ed] of hard measure in the general states for usurping their authoritie. Howbeyt they have passed yt with patience till now that yt came to so great a contempt as they might not with theyr credit & theyr othes to the state supporte yt any longer, wheruppon they made choise of a principall parson to sett downe the foresayd remonstrance in theyr behalfs, which your L. will finde in substance to bee consonant with mine, though neither party was privy to other alleagations. And wheras they object that her Majesty is ill informed, yt is but a bare assertion devised onely to darken & obscure an apparant matter for yf they should mean those informations which have come by my lettres I do assure your L. for mine owne parte that I cannot bee more carefull then I have bin & will bee, to advertise nothing for certain unles I know yt to bee certain, & whatsoever ys doutfull to report yt thereafter. For the avoyding of offence, which some parhaps might take upon the divulging of a matter of councell, I am to request your L. that yt may not any way be notified, that you have Rxd this writing from mee. The brute goeth heer for certain that the Duc de Maine hath bin of late at Cambray to deal with Monsieur Baligny the Governor there about reducing that towen to the Spaniardes possession, which hath also bin sollicited with spetiall instance by those of Artois and Hennault. But yt is said hee failed of his purpose & departed from thence to Perone deepely discontented/.