Letter ID: 0910
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.84r-85v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0910/008
Date: 01 March 1590
Note: Instructions. The address leaf is before the lettertext in the volume, and only superscription survives, pasted onto a new folio.



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590

Addressed: To our very Lovinge frend Thom/a/s Bodley esquier, imployed for her Majesties affairs towards the States generall of the united provinces



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590 March:

Later Addition: 1590: [.] premier Martij To Master Bodly

After our hartie commendacions: we are given to understand by the merchantes Adventurers residing at Midleburgh, that there is by the States of Holland an ordonance made by the which they intend to impose a new Custom or taxacion upon the Clothes, that shall hereafter be brought out of England into any of the Provinces United: and albeit they seame in the same to provide that the Companie of the said Merchantes Adventurers shalbe exempt from the payment of this impost, Yet (by reason) if the buyer. shall paie the said impost he must and will raise it uppon the Seller in his bargaine. What the States may intend by this course we knowe not, onles it be to remove the trade of our marchan[tes] and to shutt up the intercourse betwene her Majesties subjectes and them and therefore it appeareth the more strange to her Majestie, and to us. Her highnes pleasure therefore is, that uppon the receipt hereof you acqueynt the States generall and Counsaill of State with her mislike and offence conceived of this ordonance or Placard as not only contrarie to the ancient intercourse, and to the Privilege to her subjectes graunted in Midleburgh, and confirmed by them selves, but favoring also either of ingratitude towardes her Majestie or some desire to breke of the amitie betwene her Majestie and the inhabitantes of those Provinces: and shall require them as they reguaerd the continuance of her good favour and assistance, that they revoke the said Ordonance, as injuri[e] for the respectes aforesaid: and to this ende (if you shall so cause) you maie also deale particulerly with such of the States generall and Counsaill, as you knowe to be best affected to her Majestie, and deliver unto them, the reasons and causes that doe move her Majestie to require the revocacion of the said ordonance, and parsuade them to assent thereunto: Wherein we praie you to take some paine as in a mater of good moment, and to certifie their aunswer, as soone as convenient[[ly]] You may: and so for this tyme we committ you to God. from the Court at Grenewiche the First of Marche 1589. Your verie Loving Frendes, Christopher Hatton: Cancellor William Burghley Hunnsdon Cobham Thomas Buckehurst James Croft Francis Walsyngham John Perrot John Wolley