Letter ID: 0906
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.37r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0906/008
Date: 12 January 1590
Note: On fol.37r there is a signature of a capital 'H' at the base of the page.

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590 : January

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 January 12


There hath bin some troble of late in the towne of Bom- mel, about the newe Election of certain popishe Burg- masters, from whome the Burgers, of which the greatest part are well affected in religion, have taken the keies of their office by violence, alleaging that nether the Electors observed the dewe forme of Election, and that the parties elected were frindes to the Enemie. Wheruppon they have delivered the keies to the olde Eschevins, and are assisted in all thinges by the Garri- son of the towne. The Councell is very carefull to make a quiet end between them, fearing the dan- ger that may ensewe, if the Enemie, that lieth but a mile from the towne, should practise, uppon this oppor- tunitie, with his favourers within.

I send your H. heerewith a note of certaine occuren- ces from Strawesbourgh, by which it should seeme that the Lieguers practise to divert the forces, which the Germane Princes send to the Frenche King, by ministring mater[s] unto them of imploiment in their owne territories. Which is all, I trust, for the best, and will waken as many in that sleepy contrey, as are any thing well disposed. There is a mes- senger newe come from Berke to the Councell of state, with charge to signifie, that the 3 of this mo- neth a generall partition being made of all the victuall and provision in the towne, there came no more to every mans share, but for a fortnights sustenance. Wheruppon the Deputies of the Countesse of Neuwenar urge to have an answer, which they have not yet receaved. Some men heere, that consider the povertie of the Countesse, and the disposi- tion of her nature, suspect that she hath no mea- ning to make the towne Neutrall, nor should not, if she would, obtene it of the Enemie: but if it were in her possession, she would surrender it in exchaunge of some of those Principalities whiche the Enemie holdeth from her. January 12. 89