Letter ID: 0574
Reference: TNA, PC 2/17/836
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0574/008
Date: 27 July 1590
Note: No address leaf.


A lettre to Master Wilkes and Master Bodley emploied at this present in her Majesties service with the estates generall of the Unyted Provinces. That they should understand that before theire Lettres came to there LLs: with those from the estates generall and of Holland and Zeland bothe to her Majestie and there LLs: they had given order by her Majesties com- maundement that those merchauntes of the Lowe Countryes and the masters and marryners here whose shippes were taken and staied on the Seas comming out of Spaune by Sir John Hawkins and Sir Martin Frobusher knights should make attestacion before the Judge of the Admyralltie to whome the goodes and merchaundize did belonge and thereuppon put resturacion to be made unto them of the shippes & merchaundize putting in Baundes to make resturacion of the value of so moche as uppon due proofe shuld fall out to appartaune to Spanyardes, which her Majestie was pleased shuld presentlie be ex- ecuted althoughe the said gentlemen had wrytten to her hether very confidentlie that yt would be proved the goodes in those shippes did appartaune unto Spanyardes and to be cullored by those of that Natyon Therefore they might assure as well the estates generall, as those of Holland and Zeland that there was no meaninge in her Majestie to impeache anie way theire Traffick so as the same be of meere merchaundize howebeit her Majestie was certaunelie advertized that under the pretence of merchaundize there were amongst them that did convey munytion & provicion of warr unto Spaine as there were divers lykewyse that cullored the goodes of Spanyardes in theire Intercourse of traficke Therefore as her Majestie had a care that they shuld not be lett and interrupted in there traffick, So they were to require them that better Regard hereafter might to used that these abuses were not commytted whereby the common Ennemy might be supplied of munytion & ther necessary provicion to mayntaune the warres against her Majestie./