Letter ID: 0572
Reference: TNA, PC 2/17/782
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0572/008
Date: 23 June 1590


A lettre to Master Wilkes and Master Bodley Wheras the Estates Generall have heretofore wrytten unto us one the behalf of xliiij shippes of Holland that were employd in the voyag of Portugall under Sir John Norreys and Sir Francis Drake that the might be aunswered somuch as they claymed to appartene unto them for ther services You shall understand that we thought good to comitt the examining of the matter unto certaine parsons, who were required to informe us; uppon the hearing of both parties, what they should think meet to be done therin for the better satisfaction of the Estates, we have thought good to signifie so much unto you, as we have receaved from them which you shall parceave by the Copie of their Certificate herinclosed, Briefly yt seemeth that the find no cause why any such som of 5019li should be allowed unto them, as was at the first demaunded but that all particularities duely con- sidered there could be no more demaunded by them, then the some of 2540li yf the xliiij shippes had seved with out any recompence or consideracon at all: But wheras yt is avouched by the defendentes, and likewise by the oath of the viceadmirall; that was sent from the Estates hither to solicite the Cawse, that all the said xliiij shippes were offered satisfacion in Corne; which the refused, and that xl of them freed the Generalls of all demaunds, so as they might have their discharg and pasportes (as they had) wee see no cause why the said 40 shippes should have any further allowance at all: especially seing yt is avouched by the Generalls that most of them had part of the spoyles at the Groyne Caskales and Peniche, that might reasonable content them So as unles there resteth contentement to be made unto the viceadmirall and there more, that receaved no such pasports, and gave no suche discharg as their Companions did And toward the satisfacon of the said 4 shippes, yt is thought that the Corne and lading brought fol.783
heretofore into Horne by Hubert Cornelison will suffice: which you maie require of the Estates to have sould at the best value, and employd that way. For we are informed, that the same ladinge did not par[taine] unto any of the Esterlinges; but was laden in England for the service of the armie and that it was by stealth carryed thither And yf besides this after so generall a discharg of the said 40 shippes, the Estates shall require a further satisfacon you maie tell them that the Generalls do thinke, that they should be hardlie dealt with especiallie seinge the service the service was against the Comon Enemy And we suppose that yf they should be urged any further, they will not be brought to any other ordre; then parhappes to be contented to have that which shall remaine of the 2540li after the sale and deduction of the goodes brought to Horne, defaulked uppon such debtes farre exceedinge that samme, which are owinge by the Estates unto Sir John Norris and others, for ther services in the Lowe Countries: wherefore you shall desire them, to hold them selves herwith contented: and we pray you to send unto us ther aunswer, assone as you Connnveniently may/