Letter ID: 0555
Reference: TNA, SP 105/91/94 f.210r
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0555/008
Date: 10 August 1590


10 Augusti 1590 Our answer to the states uppon the lettre from the states befores sett downe Uppon a lettre from the States generall addressed unto us at the Hague dated the 18th of Auguste after the new style, and receaved by the handes of Remet their Agent, wherby they requyred to be resolved from us, of certen doubtes conceyved by the Provinces (as they pretended) abowt the Articles and condicions delivered unto them in wrytinge concerninge their trade to Spayne Portingal &c: we resorted to the Assembly of the said States the xxth accordinge to the same Style, to gyvethem answere to the poyntes of their lettre by speeche: and first signified unto them that we had receyved their saide lettre, and desired to understand the cawses that mighte move the Provinces to demaunde the questions mentioned in their lettre unto us: The States requyred the lettre might be reade, which done they declared that the Provinces in respecte of divers difficultyes by them conceyved, desyred to knowe our answeres to the severall poyntes mencioned in their lettre, and prayed they mighte receyve them from us in wrytinge: we answered that by speech wee were contented to deliver as much as they requyred, but to proceade any further with them in wrytinge untill wee mighte see more reason then was alleaged to induce us thereunto, consideringe how much we had allready delivered (to lyttle purpose as we conceyved) and how captiously and suspiciouslye they had hetherto dealte with us, we could not, wishinge them therfore to satisfye themselves with our verbale answere. Then, entringe into the matter wee shewed, that the condicions by us exhibited, were with her Majesties knowledge conceyved, and sett downe by the LLes: of her privye Counsell, in such shorte as her Majestie intended to have them observed by the Provinces strictlye for the victuell & munition, but for the other poyntes if they were such as the Provinces withowt theyr greater prejudice might not accomplishe, we thought her Majestie upon consderacion had of the causes and reasons delivered, mighte and woulde be induced to alter or inlarge them as should seeme best unto her and her counsell, with reguard to the State of her owne kingdomes, and the good of these Provinces. The States parsisted in their request, that our answere such as it was, might be delivered in wrytinge, for that it was an usuall course amonge them allwayes to treate and negotiate by wrytinge, as answered that it was contrary to the manner of England, and did but increase confusion and lengthe in their proceadinges here, and that our worde in that place shoulde be as sufficient as our wrytinge and therfore we requyred to be pardoned for our our refusall./ Tho: Wylkes Tho. Bodley