Letter ID: 0275
Reference: TNA, SP 84/40/91 f.91r-93v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0275/008
Date: 25 December 1590



Later Addition: 25 December 90

Endorsed: 25. Dec[ember] Memorial of a [[.]] Bodely [[.]] with the states for ith vj [.] to be brought out of Holland &c.


Trusty and welbeloved we great yow well. at this tyme we have occasion gyven us, by sollicitation of the french kyng and by his ministers here with us, to enter into Consideration how we might for some four monthes now towardes this spryng tyme, yeld hym some ayde of part of our forces which we do mayntean ther to our Great charges, and to that end, knowyng that the states /Generall/ ther and the Counsell of estate, do beare good affection to the french kyng and to the avancement of his estate ageynst the K. of Spayne and all his confederates ennemyes of trew relligion, we will that yow shall first privatly conferr with such ther as yow may trust, and that have Creditt in the Government ther and aft/er/ward by such advise first taken, yow shall lett both the states and the Counsell of estat know how necessary an action it is, to ayde the french kyng with some power to be sent by sea into Normandy and bryttany but specially bryttany wher the K. of spayn hath all redy sett in his foote, and hath taken some good [.] fol.91v
and fortefyed ther with a manifest intention to bryng gretar nombres out of spayne to possess not only bryttany, but also the rest of france/ and therfor yow may lett them know, that we ar disposed with ther lykyng to use some part of our forces of footemen to be transported by sea, to such partes of bryttany or Normandy as the french Kyng shall thynk most for his price, and to Joyne also the same with some others which shall pass out of this our realm, and the same also beyng Joyned to gether, to Joyne them selves with the french Kinges forces, wherby the spanyards may be expelled out of bryttany. and to this purposs w yow shall saye we dowt not but they will not only give ther assent, but will also farder this purposs with all other helpes necessary for the spedy transportation of them and because we do not meane to draw out of those Contries and gretar nombres, than we thynk may be well spared, and the towns wherin v Garrisons ar well fol.92r
Garded, yow shall lett them know that we meane not to withdraw from thence a thyrd part of the nombres in our paye, nor yet to withdraw any of our horsemen ther And if they shall seme unwillyng hereto which we trust they nether will nor with reason can, yow shall use all good meanes of parswasions, which we dout not but yow may sufficiently parform and if it shuld happen that without any reason they shuld wilfully refuse, yow shall playnly lett them know, that we have Commanded yow to saye; that we will not forbeare to call th [In margin: NB.]
such nombres as we thynk mete, beyng our naturall subjects, and payd [mearely] by us, and with reason we may do it, Consideryng the price as only ageynst the a Commen ennemy to them and is, and in defence and for the preparration of a Kyng, and a people frendly to us all. Item whan yow have thus ceded, yow shall Conferr with Sir [francisce vere, to know how we may have so manny bandes as may mak i M vj [C] footeman, and to name the Captayns and bandes, and if it shall of the nombres that serve us fol.92v
owt of Berghen and ostend, the bandes shall not seme sufficient, by reason of any weaknes therof by weaknes or otherwise, ther it shall be Considered how owt of those towns or other of them, some more sufficient bandes may be chosen, and the nombres supplyed with the other bandes that shall be weaker. And to this purporse we have wrytten our lettres both to Sir Francis vere, and to the Governers of berghen and ostend, that they shall yeld to the accomplishyng hereof, as shall be by and Sir Francis vere thought well fol.93r
To have i M vj [C] footemen in bandes to be made redy with ther armur and weapon and to be brought part to Midelborogh part to berghen, and some part to Flushyng To provide victell for them to be put on ship bord only to procure the sayd nombre for xiiij dayes, to co and to have hoyes hyred, to tak them in at flushyng, and the hoyes to be aswell armed, as may be, and to tak ther Course directly to plymmoth ther to be put into Item english ships of war Item to send to Dorvell to provyde as [taste] of victell at plymmouth to procure the sayd nombres of i M vj [C] for iij monthes and xiiij dayes Item to provyde shippyng to be in [redynes] to come to plymmouth, to receave the sayd nombre and ther victelles. Item. some maryn parte to provyde the shippyng Item to accord at what daye the sayd bandes shall be redy to tak shippyng at flushyng./