Letter ID: 0274
Reference: TNA, SP 84/40/89 f.89r-90v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0274/008
Date: 23 December 1590
Copies: 0986 



Endorsed: 23 December 1590 Draught of a lettre from her Majestie to Master Bodley.

To Master bodeley Trusty and wellbeloved we Greet yow well. Although we here tht certen parsons ar appoynted to be sent from the states ther, w with some in outward apparence beyng accompanyed with sondry Merchantes, to complayn of the arrestes and [prises] made as they will alledg of ther goodes uppon the seas, but yet as yow do wryt and conveave with authorite to delyver /that they have a transcript of such answers as they have devised/ to us some answers to the propositions ther offred by Master Wilkes and yow in July last /which yow do dowtfully wryt that they will not be known to have [therfor]/, yet untill the same shall be notefyed unto us by them, we meane not to tak any knolledg therof and so havyng occasion to wryt to them about certen other matters very nedefull for the tyme, we do not in our lettres shew any apparance to know that they have such answers, but do ref breffly touch our lack of satisfaction in all thynges recomended to them, as by the Copy of our lettres yow shall se, and for the present thynges to be demanded of them we do also but summarely touch the same, referryng the furder declaration of the particularetyes to to be by yow declared /difyrerd/. Therfor we will that yow shall first consider well of these causes hereafter followyng, and than without delaye delyver our lettres to the states Generall, and use yowr formar dilligence and with all ernestnes mete for the causes to obteyne of them the thyng required. fol.89v
yow shall repete to them, how careless we have found them to have be of long tyme, in satisfyeng of the necessary demandes, for the defence and mayntenance of ostend, a town as in our lettre is expressed, as nedefull and as servisable, to be well kept as any town under ther rule, and how often yow have moved them in Sir John Conwayes tyme, to gyve ayd to the defence of that town ageynst the sea, and also for the forte fyeng of it ageynst the ennemy, your self can tell, yo and so yow shall not fayle, but laye the particularetyes therof playnly befor ther faces. And though ther faultes passed can not be revoked, but they ar now no more to be contynued. yow may shew them, in what valiant manner, Sir Edward Norryce the present Governer hath defeated the ennemyes approches, to ther great dishonor and loss and to the intent he may contynew this good fortun ageynst the ennemy who doutless though it shall be costly to them will seke reveng, we therfor require the states, to consent and to gyve order, that ij bandes of footemen of our forces, may be withall spede sent thyther to increase the strength of the Garrison. and that also they do send provision of powder and munition wherof the Governer wryteth that they have gret lack and yow shall ernestly press to delay no tyme for execution hereof, wherof also yow shall mak Sir Francis vere prove, that out of the nombres in his chardg ij bandes may be made redy fol.90r
to be sent to flushyng to be shipped to ostend/ yow shall also let them know, that wher they have ordeaned Sir Edward Norrice to be Governer of the town, and have promised hym enterteynment dew for the same. For any thyng that we can here, he hath not hytherto had any penny, a thyng very strang to committ the chardges of such a towne, without answeryng any thyng for hisenterteynment, he havyng no more than the bare wages of a Captayn of a band, and that paid by us, as all the rest of the meanest Captayns have / this yow may note to them as an Indignite, to be Committed, by them takyng uppon them the Govvernment of whole Contries. but we have hard, that they meane to grant hym his allowance out of the revennews of the town, which ar nothyng, or els out of such Contributions as the Countre will offer to be freed from the Garrison but that being not as yet accorded, as it semeth he shall is yet without any allowance at all and as to the contribution offred by that countrey, which the Governer sayth the states wold have /hys/ assent unto we can be well Contented, that the same be accepted by hym, so as his enterteynment be paid out of the same and that the workes ageynst the seas, and the necessary fortifications be therwith also defrayd, and that powder and all munitions be in lyke manner therby supplyed fol.90v

Later Addition: 1590 December 22. United Provinces

Ther is also on other thyng necessarely to be obteyned of them that is, that they shall be content that when so ever f our Governer of Flushyng, shall fynd cause to dout of some attempt to be made by the ennemy, to surprise that town, as of late by secret intelligence we have bene informed that the ennemy hath had such an Intention, in such case he may be parmitted, to require from Sir Francis Vere had to have /have/ on or ij bandes brought thyther, only for the tyme of dout. and to this end yow shall parceve ther assent, and as the manner is a [potence] or conduct, for the quiet and save passadg of them thyther./ and therof yow shall advertise both Sir Robert Sydney, and Sir Francis vere, so as they may agre how and whan to have the sayd nombres, what tyme shall require. These matters both for ostend and flushyng, yow shall prosequut with all ernestnes requisit, both with the states Generall and the Counsell of estates. affirmyng playnly, that we shall not tak ether a denyall or a delay hereof in good part, but shall mak accompt of them as unworthy of our favors past and much less of any the lyk hereafter/. yow shall understand our mynd, by the lettres of our Tresorer of England.