Letter ID: 0257
Reference: TNA, SP 84/38/214 f.212r-213v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0257/008
Date: 27 August 1590
Copies: 0963 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England.

27 August 1590 Thomas Bodlely from the Hage Josepho Renold peterson Andrea Aster

Later Addition: 27 August 90


May it please your good L. Heere is nowe in Delft one Doctor Josepho an Italian physition, not unknowen to your L. as I doe presume, be- cause he hath bin physition to the Prince of orenge, and hath made some aboade about the Court in England. Lieng sicke in his bedde, he was visited by an old frinde of his, one Reinolde Peterson a shipper of Horne, who came out of [In margin: Renold peterson of horne 27 August]
Spaine but this present day: by whome he was advertised of a secrete practise against her Majesties person: wherupon he sent the party to the Hage, a man, as he saith, and should seeme by his ca- riage, well persuaded in religion, and of a good discretion, whome I and Master Gilpin ex- amined alone, and this he declared, That the 6 of May last, he went for Lisbon in a shippe [In margin: [6. May]]
of Embden, and after his arrival he came to Madril the 8 of June, where he sojorned till [In margin: 8 June]
the 19 of July, making meanes to the King for the [In margin: 19 Julij]
release of certain shippes: the King being then in a certain Cloister, 7 miles distant from Ma- dril. During his stay in that place, he had often conference with a very special frinde, and his cosen, one Nicolas Messe a shipper of Embden [In margin: Nicholas Mess of Emden]
whome he mette withall there suing to be satisfied for the losse of a great shippe that perished in the Armado. By reason of his long sute, and continuance in the court, the said Nicolas Messe had gotten some acquaintance, and accesse unto per- sons of principal qualitie: among whome he had learned, whiche he imparted in secret to this Reinold Peterson, that one [In margin: pedro aster of Arragon]
of Arragon a spaniard, borne, and a notori- ous malefactor for divers murders and other fol.212v
villanies, was gone of purpose into England, to execut some mischief upon her Majesties person. Which he determined at two several times to have at- tempted: but he wanted likely meanes, which yet he attended, to escape upon it. This Pedro of Arragon, to procure himself credit, will mi- nister all occasions to inveghe against the King, and to make it seeme to her Majestie that he would enterprise any thing, to doe him some annoiance. The names of those persons, by whome the forsaid party had receaved this intelli- gence, were unknowen unto him: for that he en- quired not curiously after all that I demaun- ded. But he hath promised, that assoone as his cosen shall returne out of Spaine, which he thinkes will be within this moneth, whatsoever he hath heard, he shall discover unto me. And for more assurance of his speedy comming, if her Majestie shall require it, he will calle him home [In margin: to be called home/]
presently, and send him into England. Howbeit he thinkes that if Pedro be detened, and putte to torture, there shall neede no further proofe of his wicked intention. Moreover this Reinold Peterson signifieth, that one Henry van den Bos a shipper of Middlebourgh, whome he [In margin: Henry vanden bos of Middelborogh.]
founde in Madril, told him in secret communi- cation, that a chief servaunt of Don Antonio, whiche was then in Spaine, and at the Court, was the greatest instrument for the cariage of letters and messages, between this Pedro of Arragon and his correspondents in Spaine. For any mater besides, he declareth only this, that he sawe at the Groigne to the nomber of 100 shippes fol.213r
of all sortes, and there he heard it spoken, that there were at hand in those quarters 4000 [In margin: iiijcy]
souldiers, and 4000 more in Biscay. Likewise [In margin: iiijcy]
12 other shippes of 1200 and 1400 tonnes Lowe built: of which 6 were at Bilbo, and 6 at St Anderos, and all in a readines in all places, to sette presently forward. He thought notwithstanding, because the time was muche delaied, that they expected the issue of some special practise. And this I thought with all diligence to certifie your L. and to be- seeche yow, that although this bearer were other- wise minded to goe into England, because at my intreaty he departeth soddainly, and hath pro- mised to be with yow, with all possible speede, he may be somwhat considered for his paines and charges. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. August 27 Anno 1590. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley