Letter ID: 0243
Reference: TNA, SP 84/37/191 f.199r-1200v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0243/008
Date: 31 May 1590
Copies: 0932 



Addressed: To the right honorable my singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: Ultimo May 1590. Master Bodeley to my L. from the Haghe. Groninghen./

Later Addition: 31 May 90


It may please your L. to be advertised that I have receaved by Persival her Majesties letters, and one from your L. and I have made her Majesties excuse both to the Councel and to Count William, for that their letters were not answeared. But because I am acquainted with their over suspicious and imagining humors, I feare they will sur- mise, there is some mater in that silence, that will turne to their prejudice. Count William, who is nowe in Friseland, is sent unto from hens, to declare his opinion for our further proceeding. The siege of Nieumeghen is a lette unto us. For it is not thought expedient, that her Majesties letters should be sent into Groeninghen, but when we can present sufficient forces before the towne, of the Englishe nation in speciall, the better to concure in confirmation of the letters, and to adde a greater courage to her Majesties frindes, who are thought to be so many among the inhabitants, as we are in good hope, if faire meanes faile, to winne the towne perforce. Howbeit at this present, almost all the forces of these contreis, that may be drawen to the feelde, are before Nieumeghen, from whens they can not well be spared, till their fortifi- cations be ended, about 3 weekes hens. I have also written to my frindes in Embden, to give them notice of the letter, to make the way more easie. For though I have had good assistance of Persival, in respect of his adventures, and of his travel too and fro, and also otherwise, yet the minister of Embden Mentius, and one Joest van Cleve, in time past a burgmaster of Groe- ninghen, have bin farre greater instruments: and fol.199v
what other meanes have bin used, to bring the mater to this passe, it would be too tedious to discourse unto your L. It was not possible to accomplishe her Majesties desire, to have it secretly caried. For when her Highnes refused to take the enterprise uppon her, there could nothing be done without the privitie and liking of the Councel of state, the States of Frise, and Count William. Besides the opinion is heere, that the mater being published, it hath made a great preparation among many, whiche the Enemies forces can by no meanes im- peache. In my last to your L. I signified that, whiche was written to this Councel, as well as to my self, that the Spanishe Councel of Groe- ninghen was willed to depart, and that the towne was in Parle with the States of Frise. We are sins informed, that there was a publicke con- ference, and hostages delivered, but it con- cerned only an agreement, about the exchange of prisonners: and some were expelled the towne, but men of meaner qualitie then Counsellors.

We are at this present advertised by Count William, that Verdugo hath failed of a late attempt, that he made, to enter perforce the towne of Groeninghen, and to have put in Garri- son, whereto he had many assistants within the towne, whiche being notified hath put the place in a great garboile. There is at this present a certaine agreement made between Count Maurice and Count William, with consent of the Councel of state, that Count William assisting Count Maurice with all his forces of Friselande, in the siege of Nieu- meghen, he shall after be assisted by Count Mau- rice, with all the forces of these quarters, in the en- terprise of Groeninghen. fol.200r
At Nieumeghen there hath bin nothing yet exploited, on ether side. Our fortifications goe forward, which notwithstanding the Enemie hath endevoured to disturbe, with shotte of great artillerie, but prevailing nothing, it is sup- posed, that he doth but seeke to furnishe the towne with souldiers and victuals, and will after passe the Rhine, to assault some townes of Guelderland, thereby to divert our forces from Nieumeghen.

There have bin letters of the Enemie lately intercepted, written from Collen to Zut- phen, Deventer, and other places: of which I send your L. the copie of one, the rest contening mater to like effect. The occur- rences heere doe not signifie as yet of any succors sent from the D. of Parma to those of the Ligue, the souldiers being unwilling to marche, unles they may be paied for 3 monethes before hand, and goe with greater forces, then the Duke hath yet appointed: which we can not learne to be more then 800 hourse, and 2500 foote: which many men conjecture this enterprise of Nieu- meghen will divert uppon our selves.

Certaine troupes of Breda, have defeated of late 120 lances of the Enemie, of which they tooke 30 prisoners, and towardes 500 head of beast. Nowe that the Enemie is occupied els where, it is thought convenient, that we should at- tempt the revictualling of Breda, whiche ether succeeded or failed yesterday. From the Hage. 31 May Anno 90. Your L. most humbly bounden. Tho. Bodley.

Postscript: Our Letters out of Zeland report for certaine that Richardot is come to Brussels, and hath commission to offer large conditions of peace.