Letter ID: 0240
Reference: TNA, SP 84/37/139 f.144r-145v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0240/008
Date: 09 May 1590
Copies: 0922 



Addressed: To the right honorable my singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England

Endorsed: 9 May 1590 Master Bodeley to my L./.

Later Addition: 9 May 90


It may please your L. to be advertised, that fower daies past, I receaved your L. letter with certaine specialties about the sute of Captain Bornstra: whiche I will manifest heere, as ether the states, or the Captain himself shall minister occasion. I have also receaved from the Generall states, a copie of their letter to my LL. of the Councell, in answear to that Proposition which I lastly made unto them. But seing it hath pleased her Majestie to re- solve uppon my L. of Buckhurstes comming hither, I should but troble your L. to note the untruth and impertinencie, of certaine bold assertions, which their answear conteneth. And therfore I referre both that, and all other matters, to his L. arrival: who being heere in place, shall more easely discerne their perverse proceedinges, then I by my letters can any way explane. They have bin suffered over long to practise with the Provinces, and to winne the affections of divers, by their wrong informacions: for whiche I stand in dout, whether by his L. comming the state of this government will be so reformed, as it should be, and to her Majesties contentment. Never- theles I am fully assured, that it will availe very muche, to keepe the people at her Majesties devotion, and to effect in many thinges a great deale of good. I doe finde that your L. hath had some speeche with Master Ortel. For he hath sent a copie to the Councel heere, of the last Apostils, whiche he receaved from my LL. of the Councel, the 15. of Marche: excusing himself, for that he had sent them long before to the Advocat Barnevelt, and supposed that they had bin imparted by him to the Councel of state. The self same course is fol.144v
taken by their Agent in Fraunce, who never writeth hither to the Councel, from whome he receaved his Commission and instructions, but to Barnevelt. Howe muche the affaires of the Councel, and the publick service is hindred by suche kinde of dealing, it is nowe considered of heere, more then ever before: and theruppon divers of the Councel have addressed their complaintes, aswell for those, as for other in- dignities offered unto them, to their several Pro- vinces. Of that whiche hath bin attempted, and is further intended against the towne of Nieu- meghen, because Sir Francis Vere being there, hath written at large, I neede not certifie your L. The 5 of this moneth Count Maurice came before it in very good order, with intention to fortifie, and to besiege it. The 2 of this moneth Count Mansfelt brought 8 peeces of great Artillerie, before the litele sconce of Nordame, whiche is situat at the point of the haven, that leadeth towardes the sea, from Sevenberghen. The third day, after a long batterie, and a sufficient breache made, he assaulted it by boate, both the same day, and the next: but was valiantly repulsed at both times, with the losse of many of his best souldiers. There were within the Fort to the nomber of 300 men, which were often often changed and refreshed by the Count of Solmes, who lay at hand uppon the water, and had alwaies the meanes, both by day and night, to put in men and victual. Moreover the 5 of this moneth, in the night time, the Enemie at- empted by boate to enter the Hillen, a port of the Ile of Williamstat, over against Sevenberghen: from whens notwithstanding he was forced to retire, with the losse of the boate, and most of those that fol.145r
were in it. The report is uncertaine of the full nomber slaine on the Enemies side: but we make account of 500 at the lest, and of fewe of our owne. The 7 of his moneth we were advertised, that the Enemie intended to leave the siege, and to mache marche with all his forces in those quarters, both of horse and forte, whiche are esteemed 7000 to relieve the towne of Nieu- meghen. There is newly come unto them the regi- ment of Sir William Standly, to the nomber, as we heare, of 600. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Haghe. the 9 of May. 90 Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley