Letter ID: 0236
Reference: TNA, SP 84/36/253 f.249r-250v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0236/008
Date: 23 March 1590



Addressed: To the right honorable my singular good Lord the L. Burghley, Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: Marche 1589 From Master Thomas Bodley to the L Thresurer

Later Addition: 23 March 89/90


It may please your L. to be advertised that the Enemie hath taken of Late the castell of Sevenberghen by Breda, which abidde the shotte of the Cannon, but yelded in the end to the mercy of the Enemie: who caused some fewe to be executed, that were of those in the boate that surprised Breda, and di[m]issed e rest.

He hath also skirmished with certain companies, that issued out of Breda, but left behinde, besides those that were slaine, which were not many, threescore prisoners. It is thought that the Enemie will build a sconce at Heyde, a village adjoining to Breda, thereby purposing to stoppe the passage of the river, which we shall hardly impeache for want of forces.

Sir Francis Vere is nowe at Disbourgh, but those companies which were with him at Breda, remaine at Williamstat: from whens they can not be spared, till the Enemies forces be reti- red. Heere are divers Deputes come from Utrecht, to present the government of that Province to Count Maurice, which is all done, after the Example of Overissell, without the knowledge or privitie of the Councell of state.

of the Frenche kinges late victorie, heere is nothing yet knowen in particular, nor directly, but that whiche we have from the Enemie. The opinion of it is great, for di- vers circumstances, especially for that there is one come hither from Cambray, who declareth that he was at Valencienne in Hennault, in the company of the Popes Nuntio, and the Em- bassador Mendosa, being newly fledde out of Paris. By letters of the Enemie fol.249v
whiche are heere intercepted, it is signified that the Bishop of Liege hath sent his Embassa- dors to Collen, to require the kay of one of their gates, the possession of certaine milles upon the Rhine, and the ancient jurisdiction of the Count of Newenar, which if they doe refuse, it is denounced unto them, that the Bishop will in- treat them as Enemies. This message, as it should seeme, hath put the Citie in a very great trouble, which is wholy purposed to withstand his demaundes. Moreover among those letters, there is an Italian, as it should appeere by conjecture, of the Bishops familie, who writeth to a frinde, that the Popes Nuntio residing in that place had letters from Rome, che il Pa- pa fa un Concilio Lateranese, per l'asso- lutione di sua Maestade: che se e' vero, co- me qua si crede, e un gran punto per il Re Francia. Because we can not heere ima- gin which Majestie is meant, nor what Absolution, I have written the wordes, as they lie in the letter, leaving the construction to your L. conjecture. Bothe this letter and the rest beare date the 15 of Marche. Heere is a generall bruit at this present, that Count William in Frise hath surprised Delfesill, the chiefest part of Groninghen. Howbeit as yet there is no certaintie of it, other then by privat mens letters, out of Gelderland. From Frankford heere are letters of the 9 of Marche stylo vetero that the Emperor doth Levie for the K. of Spaine 5000 Germans, under the conduct of the Count Hieronimo de Ladron: whiche are to passe Muster at Cremona, and Cassal maggior. Having fol.250r
nothing els to advertise, I take my humble leave, beseeching your L. to acquaint Master Secre- tary with as muche as I have written. From the Hage. March 23. 89 Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley