Letter ID: 0233
Reference: TNA, SP 84/36/161 f.159r-160v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0233/008
Date: 03 March 1590


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham Knight Principall Secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 3 March 1589 From Master Bodleigh what order the states will tak for the keping of Breda. Garrison of swartsluys in Overissel mutined for want of pay Discontentment betwen the States of Overissel and Frize The like betwen the States and the Councell of Stat wherby som daungerus alteracion likely to ensue.

Later Addition: March 3. 89/90


It may please your H. having lately cer- tified the surprise of Breda, wherof also this bearer, being an eye witnes, is able to deliver a more speciall report, I have only to signifie, that the Councell heere doth finde it very necessary, to continew there in Garri- son 1500 footmen, and 4 or 500 horse. And because it is doubted lest the Enemie will give some present attempt to recover the place, there is order taken for so muche provision, aswell of Victuall as of powder and munition, to be caried thither, as may satisfie the turne of 2000 men for a yeare: wherof the most part is already sent into the Castell. Moreoever because many Garrisons are disfournished, from whens the forsaid troupes have bin drawen, the councell hath written letters to all the Provinces, to induce them to make a further levie of 3000 foot, and 300 horse, partly to supplie the former defectes of their Garri- sons, and partly to doe some further enterprise uppon the Enemies contrey: wherunto, it is thought, by the having of Breda, they shall have many opportunities. It is also resolved, that of those that are appointed to remaine in Breda, there shall be two foote companies, and one cornet of horse of her Majesties forces. The report of the Spaniardes mutinie in Courtricke is often confirmed by letters out of Flanders: but, for ought we can perceave, there is no other outrage committed, but that the souldiers live uppon the Burgers. We had newes to day, Whiche yet we feared, long agoe, that the Garrison of Swartsluis in Overissel is newly mutined, for want of pay. The place is of suche importance, as it must be assured by all possible meanes, wherein the Councell at this present is very much busied. fol.159v
Heere is also advertisment come, of a newe contention between the states of Overissel, and those of Friseland, about the towne of Hassell, which uppon certaine pretenses doth withdrawe it self from the Province of Overissel to the goverment of Friseland: for the appearing wherof it is in pre sent deliberation, to request Count Maurice to goe thither. The courses which are held by the Generall states, to the derogation of the Councell of state, are so deepely disliked by the Councell, as I suppose, er be long, it will turne to a publicke complaint. For mine owne part, as I signified of late unto my L. Trea- suror, and to your H. before, in sundrie letters, I am nowe in despaire of any fruitfull alte- ration in the state of these contreis, ether by her Majesties endevors, or by any other meanes, that I can otherwise devise. For their is great apparance of some speciall plotte already cast of a newe kinde of government, from whiche, considering the ambition of the principall autors, howe farre they have proceeded in the innova- tion of this government, and howe litle they esteeme to keepe correspondence with her Majestie, I knowe not howe I might imagine, that they will be dissuaded. Nevertheles it should seeme that they are purposed, to continew an outward shewe of observing the Contract: for that this present day they have presented to the Councell a newe Counsaillor from the states of Utrecht: who is also chosed chosen and recommended unto us by the states of that Province. His name is Nicolas Bercke somtimes a Cannon of that churche. Thus delivering fol.160r
my opinion of the state of these contreis with my wonted boldnes, but submitting my judgement both in these and in all other maters to your H. correction I take my humble leave. From the Hage. Marche 3. 89 Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley.