Letter ID: 0230
Reference: TNA, SP 84/36/23 f.23r-24v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0230/008
Date: 19 January 1590


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham Knight Principall Secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 9 Jannuary 1589 From master Bodley from the Hage the privie Counsell established about C. Maurice.

Later Addition: 19 January 89/90


It may please your H. in my former letters, with whiche the messenger departed three daies sins, I have advertised your H. of divers particularities. Among others, of the Hollanders intention, to ordene a Councell to be alwaies attendant on Count Maurice: whiche, as I understand, is already concluded, and there are 5. elected, Egmont, that was in En- gland, one of the Pauli of Dordrecht, Clant of Am- sterdame, and Doctor Francis of North Holland: the name of the fiveth I can not yet learne. Moreover the Count taketh his jorney very shortly towardes Zeland, where it is thought, that the States of that Province wilbe dealt withall, to depute two more, in their owne behalf, to the said number. I am fully persuaded, that there is some kinde of alteration towardes in this government: but it is kept so secret, from me in speciall as I can not conjecture, nor any of those with whome I talke, wherto it will tend. Howe inconvenient it is, that any suche notable innovation should be made without her Majesties privitie, or notice at lest of the Councell of State, of which the Count is a member, I leave to be considered of by your H. Heere is one Agileus come lately out of England, who in my L. of Leicesters time was Procuror General of Utrecht. He was no sooner arrived at the Hage, but the Advocat Fiscall of Holland laid handes uppon him, and examined him very strictly about the cause of his being in England, willing him to sette it downe in writing, which he hath per- fourmed accordingly: and what further course they intend to take with him, I knowe not. For the fol.23v
partie himself nether knoweth, nor can imagine any thing, wherewith they can charge him. Only he suspecteth that they are gelouse of his doinges, by reason of some familiaritie betweene him and Deventer.

Uppon this occasion, understanding within these two daies, that Deventer was arrived at Rote- rodame, with intention to come to the Hage, I caused his frindes to send him worde of this proceeding with Agileus, and to persuade him to looke for no- thing heere but rigourous intertenment. The re- porte is abroad that he bringeth letters from her Majestie but having no certeintie of it, I can give him no advise, about his comming to this towne.

Heerwith I send your H. a copie /of a letter/ which I have gotten translated out of dutche, being written by Deventer out of England to Count Hollocke, wherewith the Count would seeme to be highly offended and theruppon, to please Count Maurice and the states, for I can see no other cause, hath sent the letter unto them, which no dout, being construed to the worst, hath augmented their hatred against him. Of Lieutenant Throg- morton, by whome I send your H. this letter, I would signifie what I heare, in respect of his ho- nest conversation, and of his valew, but I knowe Sir Francis Vere, who hath bin an eye witnes of sundrie his good desertes, will doe it more effectually. Nevertheles I can not but recom- mend to your H. his vertuous inclination, which is wholy bent, as he himself protesteth, and other men judge by his actions, to remove that infamie and dishonor, wherewith his familie hath bin lately touched, by some extraordinary endevor in doing service to her Majestie. fol.24r
I doe nowe understand that Deventer, uppon the warning of his frindes, is gone to the Brille: and he hath sent me worde, that I shall heare from him presently, concerning his buisnes. And untill I knowe in what sort he commeth armed from her Majestie I can not helpe him with any direction. Thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. January 19. 89. Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley