Letter ID: 0900
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.285r-286v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0900/008
Date: 1589
Note: The list is bordered on the left side by a straight vertical line with 3 flourishes.



Endorsed: Privat Memoriall from Master Secretary./.



Later Addition: 158[.] 1589 Belgia

A Memoriall for Master Bodeley. To let the parties under mencioned understande by your lettres the care hir Majestie hath of them and the speciall charge given t unto you to deale effectually with the states for them, and to pray them to acquainte you with their greeves & what redresse they desire. [In margin: assoone as I arrive./.]
Collonel Shincke Doctor Aisma President of Frise
Clare hagen
of utrecht
Capten Backes The banished men of Leyden.

To conferre with master Gilpin howe som money may be taken uppe either there or in Germany for hir majestie upon the merchant adventurers bonde. [In margin: 100000li]
To learne out very carefully whither the states shalbe hable to continue their meanes of contribution.

To learne which aswell of the states generall as of the Counsaill of estate stande well affected to hir majestie and this realme and who not.

To sounde Barnevelde touching St Aldegonde.

That the worlde doth note a great ingratitude in them to suffer a man of St Aldegondes desert to lacke & not to be imployed.

That whereas some offers have ben made of some places in the revolted provinces what the states will do extraordinarily for the protecting of the saied places if any such thinge should fall out.

To advertise who of the states generall or of the Counsaill of estate are men of best judgment.

To learne what townes within the united provinces are held doubtfull or unsounde and which of them are held sounde. Francis Walsyngham