Letter ID: 0899
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.249r-250v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0899/008
Date: 1589
Note: There is a bracket around the second paragraph pointing to the marginal note.



Endorsed: Order of the pay of a company of lances in her Highnes intertenent.



Later Addition: Belgia

Later Addition: 1595 1589

Her Majesties pay to a company of lances.

To the Capten by the day 8sh and for his
spare horse 18d wch is by the yere -
To the Lieutenant by the day 4sh and for his
spare horse 18d which is by the yere -
To the Cornet at 2sh by the day, and 18d
for his spare horse -
To the Trumpetor 20d by the day -
To the Clarke of the bande 20d -
To the Surgeon 20d by day -
To 81 lanciers after 18d by the day -
The dead paies amount to -
The totall summe -

173li 7s 6d

100li 7sh 6d

63li 17sh 6d
30li 8sh 4d
30li 8sh 4d
30li 8sh 4d
2217li 7sh 6d
273li 15sh

To the paiment of the forsaid summes there is
weekely receaved in lendinges /30li which ariseth to/ -
There should be paied by the Marchants
by order sette downe -
There remaineth in her Majesties handes -
for discharge of the checkes.



[In margin: which maketh the total summe of 2920.]
In receaving the forsaid summe of 1250li from the Marchants, it is pretended by the Capten that they are forced to leese 25li per cent to have ready mony, and 35li in taking of marchandise. Whereupon they recken upon the losse of 310li in their dealing with the Marchants, which taketh away the benefit of the allowance of 273li 15sh for the dead paies, and surchargeth the Capten with 36li 5sh out of his owne pay.